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Fall gardening Prep and Planting

The first day of the Fall Season will be here before we know it. Let's get a jump start on planning our beautiful gardens now!

Rosie on the House Fresh Tilled SoilTune-In below to the Outdoor Living Hour; Rosie on the House is joined by garden & landscape expert John Jay Harper who guest hosts his segment Notes From The Nursery! Together we discuss #FallSoilPrep & #FallGardenPrep to get you started right this season.

The record monsoon rainfall this year has softened the ground making it easy to start tilling a place for your fall garden. In the below podcast, Jay provides us with:

  • A time saving way to prepare your garden soil over 3 weekends for 30 minutes each week
  • Seed tips including spacing and a simple way to plant using seed tape
  • Root and leaf edibles to plant now and establish a harvest thru spring
  • Plus thoughts on lawn transition to fall rye grass 

Tried and True Garden Soil Recipe


For every 100 sq ft (10x10)

      • 6 bags of 1.5 - 2.0 cubic ft of good quality compost material
      • 10lbs of gypsum
      • 1-2 lbs of soil sulfur
      • Approximately 5lbs of a good quality organic fertilizer; like Hickman's farms choice or you can blend 2-3 lbs of blood meal and 4-5 lbs of bone meal together.


      • This should be tilled into about 12" in depth and watered well one time before planting.
      • Continue to fertilize with the organic fertilizer of your choice every 30 days or so.
      • This process should be repeated every season just prior to planting. 



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