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EAsy maintenance | Two words - Ice Cubes 

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Every month or so, load your kitchen sink drain with a cupful of ice cubes mixed with white vinegar. Run the disposal. The disposal will crunch and chomp, but it’s OK; the pulverizing of the ice cubes will clean its blades by knocking off any debris buildup on the sharp edges that keeps them from grinding food properly.
After the ice cubes are gone, pour a capful of cooking oil into the drain. The oil will clear away leftover noises and rough spots.

There are also products out there designed to eliminate any foul odors coming from your disposal.  Simply follow the manufacturer's directions.

If you are experiencing problems with your disposal here are a few tips.

If the disposal doesn't turn on at first check to see if it has tripped the reset button.  The button is typically located at the bottom of the disposal.  If it's tripped reset it and try again!

If the disposal makes noise but doesn't spin or the reset trips after the disposal is turned on, your disposal is likely jammed.  At the bottom of the disposal there is a flywheel turning hole in the middle of the base, insert the offset wrench provided by the manufacturer and rotate until the disposal flywheel turns smoothly.  If the manufacturer's wrench has disappeared an approriately sized Allen wrench will work as well.

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