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Success With Growing Citrus In The Desert

Rosie on the House CitrusTune-in to the Urban Farming with Greg Peterson on Rosie on the House!

Discover tips for successfully growing citrus in the desert:

  • planting citrus
  • curtailing existing citrus issues
  • growing different types of citrus
  • proper citrus maintenance
  • maximizing fruit growth
  • and more! 

October is the recommended time for planting Citrus!

Like many of us, Farmer Greg is "NOT a fan of being cold" so he is "constantly looking for things to be happy about in the winter" which really is a good strategy overall. Perhaps you can rid yourself of the winter blues by channeling positive energy into growing tasty new life - tasty citrus life that is! According to Farmer Greg:

"One of my extreme pleasures is that citrus is 'in season' or ripe from November until I finish picking it in the spring. Unlike peaches, citrus stores very nicely on the tree... About 5 years ago I got the citrus bug and started planting oranges like a madman. I believe that fruit trees are like art. You don't buy art you don't like, so why should you plant a fruit tree that you don't like. Using this theory I planted 14 navel orange trees in my front yard. Well in reality they are not trees, they are more like a shrub standing no taller than 6 feet tall and I use them on the perimeter of my front yard as a fence. It actually works really well. One might ask why the heck I would plant so many navel oranges? I love navels and in any given week when they are in season I can eat 20 or 30 pounds and THAT is a lot of oranges...". (read more)


Farmer Greg's vision to help you become food secure starts with growing your own citrus trees. Planting and maintaining the height for easy harvesting, creating healthy soil when you plant, and key points/tips on keeping your citrus thriving year round.



Farmer Greg's favorite subject: growing citrus trees! Starting with preparing the correct hole for planting, he explains creating his special recipe for healthy soil before you plant new trees. We also discuss the varieties of citrus you can grow, managing the proper height of the trees, successive ripening for more abundance, the benefits of fish emulsion spray and much more!



From citrus trees to shade trees, Farmer Greg of Urban Farm has the lowdown on planting, root stocks, making the perfect soil and care to make your trees grow happy and healthy!




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article updated 10/21/21