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9/12/20 Talking Trees: #TreePlanting & the #ArizonaRosewood

Grab a pen and paper, we've got lots of great information to go over!

Rosie on the House Vauquelinia Californica aka AZ Rosewood HedgeSpecial Guest: Dave Jernigan of Gardener's Touch Landscaping

Tree of the Month: Arizona Rosewood | Scientific name: Vauquelinia californica | More Info

Monthly Tree Planting Tips for September:

These questions & more are answered in the podcast segment below

  • Cooler temps? Is Fall in the air?
  • Overseeding your lawn?
    • If possible, prune trees first to avoid dragging brush over the new lawn. Timing?
  • Turf Health | Aeration, fertilization, insect and disease problems in turf
  • Late season fertilization starts now through November:
    • Fall fertilization may be the most important application for overall tree health
    • Soil additives and amendments:
      • Biological soil enhancer/Kelp extract/Humic acid/Citric acid/
      • Wetting agent-Surfactant/Beneficial soil bacteria/Mycorrhizae
  • Rake your fall leaves and make a compost pile, ready by spring.
  • Apply 2-inch layer of wood chips beneath your trees.
    • Wood chips:
      • Moderate soil temperature
      • Reduce water loss through evaporation
      • Promote nitrogen cycling
      • Improve soil microbiology
      • Reduce runoff and erosion
      • Control dust
      • Control weeds
  • Pruning can resume, especially mesquites and other trees that require 2x per year pruning.

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John Eisenhower is joined by Dave Jernigan of The Gardener's Touch discussing the trend of gardens over landscapes. Good tips on when to begin seeding for winter lawns. Tree treatments after a summer of excessive heat. And the advantages of The Tree Of The Month, The Arizona Rosewood.


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