What are the pitch lines that phony contractor use to rip off homeowners? Text

The best way to avoid having to deal with the spoils of scam artist is not to fall for his phony pitch in the first place. 

It’s not too hard to avoid it: You can see them coming for miles. They’re the ones who stop by to say they just finished a job down the street and have leftover material, which they’ll sell you “real cheap.”
These are the guys who offer to do a roof or air conditioning or chimney inspection for free. Just know that they’ll climb off of your roof with a list of so-called problems as long as your arm—all invented. 

They’re the door-to-door solicitors who tell you it’s now or never if you want their help and their extra-low pricing. They’re con men who look for people who are older or who live alone or at least are at home alone—with nobody to talk them out of handing their money over to strangers.