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UPDATED 4/2/2017: APRIL FOOLS!! 🙂 

For nearly 39 years Rosie on the House has been known by its vision to be “Every Arizona Homeowner’s Best Friend.” Every week, our team scours the state to find the very best contractors and home improvement service providers committed to helping us achieve that vision. Recently we just added 11 new companies to our Statewide Referral Network of Certified Partners.

Well, today we have 5 more companies, products and services that all Arizonans need to know about:

1 | Home Address Insurance, Inc.

This was a fascinating company found by the Rosie on the House team – and their important service isn’t something that necessarily crosses the minds of homeowners.

Founder, Sam Numero explains, “With the rapid expansion and eventual merging of Phoenix and Tucson Metro areas, a reconciliation of street names, addresses and borders is inevitable. Our company offers a very simple, $12/month insurance policy to secure your home address.”

This not only protects the actual numbers on your home, but what about the savings in rubber stamps and address labels – not to mention the possibility that you won’t get your mail.

2 | Poopetrators, LLC

We know from countless callers on our radio program over the years, that many homeowners are serious when it comes to nurturing and maintaining a lush and beautiful lawn. But what happens when you get random yellow spots appearing and “calling cards” left on your lawn by careless pet owners in your neighborhood? That’s when the company Poopetrators comes into play! This local company, headquartered in the heart of Tempe, has developed patent-pending DNA sampling technology to sniff out, track-down and identify the culprit.  

3 | Shaders and Co.

You’ve heard us talk for years about “super-cooling” to dramatically save on your electric bill. But, what if you could shade your whole home? That’s what husband and wife inventors Jonathan Awe and Betsy Ning dared to asked themselves when they invented the Whole-Home Shading Service® in late 2016. Currently finishing its testing trials, in a small northern neighborhood in Marana, Arizona, these house-size “Awnings” completely shade your house, yard and landscape.

“The impact on energy savings is better than we could have hoped for,” relayed Awe. “The NASA designed fabric used to custom craft each awning blocks 90 percent of UV rays, allows rain to penetrate, and even improves your WIFI access within the home.”

Awe and Ning are expecting their shade service to be available just in-time for the summer heat.

4 | The Citrus-less Citrus Tree

Since the vast roof-rat invasion started just a few years ago, a team of leading botanists at ASU has been working on a hybrid citrus tree that produces absolutely no citrus. You get the beauty and shade of a full and healthy citrus tree – but no pesky fruit to attract roof rats, irritating seasonal allergies – or fruit that has to be picked, twice every single year. Expect to see this tree variety hitting your local nursery in late September this year.

5 | The Gravelers, Inc.

Let’s face it. Many Arizonan’s have areas of their yard that are desert landscaping. Typically these areas are covered in crushed granite, river rock, or some sort of composite rock. Every time you walk on it, the rock shifts, over time it can work it’s way down to lower parts of the yard. For many homeowners, it’s a constant “weekend chore” that is a real nuisance. Enter The Gravelers, Inc.

“Our monthly, subscription-based service is not unlike other monthly home services such as pest control,” explains general manager Trudy “Pebbles” Rockford. “Our specialists show up to your home once each month to rake your rock, back-fill any low spots, and bring your gravel back to life.”

As an added bonus, annual contract customers receive a once-a-year gravel refresh. A team of 8-12 gravel specialists show up, shovel, wash and re-spread your gravel for a fresh – brand new looking yard.


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