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It’s the time of year when we all think about what we’re thankful for. So here are seven wonderful reasons to ponder about the place where we live. Let’s be thankful for:

1 | A Growing Season That Lasts Almost All Year Long

When the rest of the world starts getting ready for winter, we start growing lettuce and vegetables out back. And you can forget all about mowing a lawn if you’re so inclined and fill your yard with lots of low maintenance plants – those things with big thorns on them.

2 | Our Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

You can cook and eat virtually all meals outside if you want to. You can have a pool party almost any time of the year. Your patio is really another “room” in your house.

3 | A Housing Market with Lots of Options

If you want to move on in life, Arizona has the answer. This state offers a wide range of housing at many price levels that makes it possible for many families to have a cabin or castle or condo of their very own. Just compare the options in Glendale, Ariz., with those in Glendale, Calif.

4 | Crisis-Free Geography

Maybe we have an occasional haboob and sometimes some flooding. But most of Arizona doesn’t experience tornadoes, hurricanes, serious earthquakes, ice storms or blizzards.

5 | Living in a Mitten-Free Zone

We all complain about our air conditioning bills, but they probably don’t compare to what it takes to run a furnace out East and up North. When’s the last time you went shopping for boots to wear when it snows? In fact, living here means it’s dress-down day almost all year-round.

6 | Picturesque Wildlife

It’s fun isn’t it to go out in the garage and find scorpions chasing around along with the occasional diamondback? And in higher elevations, it’s exciting to see deer or elk crossing through your backyard. It all makes for great snapshots to text back to Minneapolis.

7 | Red-Hot Summers

That’s right, be really thankful for those 110-degree days. After all, if it wasn’t as hot as it is here in the summer, this place would be Los Angeles.


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