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Take a minute to lean back and think about how many different types of building materials there have been over the ages and how many more are available today. Imagine animal hides for teepee’s, lean-to’s and log homes for early American settlers, huts for African wilderness and Australian outback, tents for nomads and travelers, and that’s just to name a few. If not for history or passed down through generations these methods would be as forgotten and lost as Old RIP Van Winkle. Now turn your focus and direct your mind to the physical evidence that still remains to this day. The caves of natural mountain stone. The pyramids carved from quarries with hand tools. The Roman Greece structures from master stone masons. The Great Wall of China. Castles of European Royalty. See the similarity? What lasts through the ages only comes from the earth’s soil…just like concrete. With nothing but rudimentary hand tools, in the hands of master craftsman, these ancient structures still stand to this day and will be long after our time.

It’s so simple to figure out, yet I see time and time again structures being built with “silly sticks & stucco” or some new “alternate building material” brand new to the building industry with all kinds of world changing, universe saving, cosmos defying, kryptonite technology and then they stand back and scratch their heads trying to figure out why it’s not preforming like anticipated. There is the world of theory and there is a world of reality. The reality is nothing is greener than cement products because of their longevity, thermal mass and endless supply of required material to create concrete. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about improving products, inventing new ideas and overall progression of life and knowledge. But when it comes to my home and quality of life, I don’t mess around: I build with concrete & masonry!

Some will have you believe that it’s too expensive to build with but that is what’s so great about today’s modern life; you have to be the King of England, an Egyptian Pharaoh, the Asian Emperor or Julius Caesar to afford concrete.

And now as you come to the end of the blog you realize you’re not reading anything you didn’t already know because you remember the lesson of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf…build with a Concrete Integrity.

We hope to create a “lasting value to make a better environment, not just for today but for tomorrow. Concrete is definetly good for that.” Will Bruder.

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