Arizona's Best-of-the-Best

Rosie-Certified Partners are truly Arizona's Best-of-the-Best. The Rosie Referral Network is the most tightly screened group of home improvement contractors, retailers and service providers in the industry.  Each member of our home improvement referral network must be:

rosie certified partner application

  • In business locally for at least five years;
  • Demonstrated a commitment to their industry and community;
  • Shown a record of great customer service;
  • Earned a position of respect among their peers and competitors;
  • Maintained a good record with the state Arizona Registrar of Contractors (when applicable), as well as being correctly licensed, bonded and insured;
  • Maintain a good credit record;
  • Successfully complete our PreQualification process.

If you are ready to differentiate your company from the competition, and want to be recognized as one of the best in your industry

Download Certified Partner Application, Part #1

Note: There are three parts of our PreQuallification process and completing step #1 does not grant you Partnership. Upon receipt and review of Part #1, we will forward Part #2 & #3 if the preliminary requirements are meet and we have room to expand your trade/category of profession.

For questions or with to speak with someone directly, ring us at(888)767-4348 or email