Do I need to ventilate my attic, house and roof?

11 May 2012
Why do I need to ventilate my attic?
  1.  Temperatures inside an unventilated attic on a 90-degree day can reach 170 degrees.
  2. A properly ventilated roof will prolong the life of roofing material because it will reduce the temperature of the sheathing.
  3. If you reduce the heat in the attic and on the roof, you’ll also reduce the stress on your air conditioning unit.
  4. Reduced heat in the attic means less heat-gain inside the home.
Do I need to ventilate my house?

If you live in a "tight" home that the builder designed to be energy-efficient, chances are not much air leaks out of the house through cracks and holes around windows, doors and walls.

That's great for saving on your energy bill. But a house that doesn't let your air conditioned air get outside might not let any fresh air get inside, either.


Will an energy efficient roof keep my house cool?

Replacing an old, energy-inefficient roof with a reflective material like foam or Energy Star-labeled asphalt shingles or metal will go a long way toward keeping your house cooler in the summer. But it can’t do it by itself. 

When you replace your roof, you also should upgrade your ventilation and add attic insulation.

Attic insulation breaks down over time, so you need to add more. Thick insulation—around R-38 is a good choice—prevents heat from transferring from the roof through the attic to the house.


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