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Anyone who knows me knows my passion for cement products, and in particular, decorative concrete. Stamped, stained, coated, polished, colored, flattooed, sculptured and even furniture, I love it all!

When I started the construction 

planning for my house, I didn’t waste a minute considering flooring options. From Day One, I knew it was ALL going to be decorative concrete. The only question was: To what extent?

There are so many available options for decorative concrete, so the challenge was settling down and making decisions. In the end, I selected a wood-patterned, stamped, colored concrete for the patios; acid-stained concrete for the interior floors, with cattle brands randomly flattooed into the finish; and an epoxy-coated garage floor with rodeo imaging embedded.

My problem now is not that I have to maintain and upkeep my decorative concrete floors (because almost no maintenance is required); it’s that I’m out of concrete floors to decorate! What to do now?

Enter the Concrete Decor Show, coming right here to Arizona. Industry leaders from all over the world are gathering March 17-19 for educational seminars, hands-on training, and to browse the exhibit hall at the Phoenix Convention Center. And don’t you know, yours truly will be right in the middle of it all!

You don’t have to have a passion for decorative concrete like I do to attend because this show has something for everyone. If you’re an architect looking for new ideas, don’t miss Tuesday’s keynote speakers, including world-famous Will Bruder and Fu-Tung Cheng

If you’re a builder looking for a competitive advantage in your homes, check out Thursday’s Next Generation of Concrete Countertops. Are you an artisan already in the trade but struggling with business direction? Don’t miss the 1 p.m. session on Controlling Business, Finances and Goal Setting. Homeowners looking to update or create something different and distinctive for the home can check out the hands-on sessions next to Heritage Park. Is green your keyword? Be downtown Friday morning for the Sustainable Concrete seminar.

Think this is for boys only? Hey, I wasn’t lying when I said they have something for everyone. Handywomen, the topic of Friday’s luncheon, is hosted by a panel of four women, including our local expert Tamryn Doolan, inventor of the Flattoo, on Opportunities for Women in Decorative Concrete.

The most exciting part for any site-built homeowner in the desert Southwest is you already 

have the most expensive part of decorative concrete out of the way: the initial install of the concrete. So don’t leave it dull and gray; do something decorative with it!

Whether you sign up online or pay at the door, make sure you mention Rosie on the House for discounted pricing. Plus, I’ll have special give-aways for the first two dozen people who catch me on site. I’ll be wearing my red or blue Wrangler long-sleeve shirt with the Rosie on the House logo over the left pocket and on the sleeve.

Here is what I personally have my eye on:

Somewhere in between all that 

I’ll make my way through the exhibit hall of vendors, find someone who can help me in the planning of my multi-level concrete flower garden wall for my back yard that will also serve as a protective wall around my vegetable garden, and then I’ll swing by the Phoenix Children’s Museum to check out the koi pond imaging applied to the concrete floor there.

For a complete list of details and links for the Concrete Decor Show, check out the event page on

I got a fever, and the only solution is more decorative concrete!

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