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About Our Guest: Tom Miller, Executive Director for the Arizona Pork Council

Arizona Farm Bureau Article: Arizona’s Pork Story Can’t Be Told Without Tom Miller


Recipe: Jan D’Atri’s Pan Seared Pork Chop Casserole

Recipe Finder: AZ Farm Bureau “Fill Your Plate” Pork Recipes

Recipe Videos: National Pork Board YouTube Channel

Pork Resources/Recipes: Arizona Pork Council

Pork Farm: Arizona’s Largest Pork Farm | Smithfield


Queen Creek | The Pork Shop

Phoenix | The Meat Shop

Phoenix | German Sausage Co.

Chandler | Von Hanson’s

Tucson | Sausage Shop Meat Market & Deli

Tucson | Dickman’s Meat and Deli

Flagstaff | Proper Meats + Provisions

Flagstaff | Bix Butcher Shop


  1. Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world and has more protein than chicken and is high in zinc, iron and B-vitamins.
  2. Even though they don’t seem like it, pigs are the cleanest farm animals. They roll in mud because they don’t sweat and that is their way of cooling off.
  3. Insulin and about 40 other medicines are made from pigs and their heart valves can be used replace damage human heart valves.
  4. Pigs are smart! They can learn to push a lever in the barn- yard to get a drink of water or a dish of food. Over the years pigs have been taught to tumble, race, pull carts, dance and hunt.
  5. You’d be surprised at the number of things that are made from pigs! There are more than 500 different types of important things besides meat that come from pigs. Examples of pig by-products are chewing gum, animal feeds, leather, glue, combs, buttons, plastics, paintbrushes, plywood, adhesive, insulation, upholstery, cosmetics, antifreeze, cellophane, floor waxes, cement, crayons, chalk, matches, putty, and linoleum. 


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