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It’s a myth that Arizona doesn’t have enough water because so much of it is in the desert. 
The Arizona Department of Economic Security projects that Arizona, already home to 6 million of us, will have a population of 10 million by 2028 and 13 million by 2055. And my friends at SRP, or Salt River Project, say with some good planning and investment, we should have plenty of water for all of the development we’ll need to do to accommodate our new neighbors.
We already have enough, at least in the Phoenix metro area, for the next 20 years or so. It didn’t fall out of the sky, obviously, so we had to go and get it—much like the early 20th-century farmers and ranchers got it and much like our children will get it decades from now. We’re storing and delivering it from the Salt and Verde Rivers, pumping it from the Colorado River, and we may at some point import it from the Gulf of California and beyond. Eventually, we may work with our neighbors in Sonora and Baja California, Mexico, to help pay for and build the infrastructure that will bring water to both of us.

  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Sanderson Ford

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