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Honey-Do Tips For Your Honey | #HoneyDoMonth

July is affectionately known as “Honey-Do” month. Now is the time to fix the things that go squeak, stick, or simply don’t open or close correctly. You can include cosmetic updates to your list, like painting, hanging a new bathroom mirror, or simply hanging a curtain rod. Tackling a honey-do project should begin with a list.

The List.

Honey-Do Lists Don’t Need To Be A Thing Of Dread!

The honey-do list is generally a never-ending collection of household maintenance items or tasks typically requested by a spouse. Some folks complain about these lists, saying the list is so long it will cut into the hunting season. Others try to take on the tasks a little at a time, thinking they are whittling away at the list.

If you prolong the “Do” part of the list, it will only grow longer. We encourage you to make July your “Honey Do” month. Get it done!

Tasks for your list can range from installing a new light fixture, putting a washer in a leaky faucet, or doing all the touching-up paint. The honey-do lists, accompanied by some planning, ensure getting them done right and minimizing trips to the store. After all, we do not want to see the same “request” make it back on the list anytime soon.

Many of our Honey Do’s revolve around preparation for an upcoming change of season. For instance, pool and lawn maintenance are spring projects, and organizing and caulking windows and doors are great for fall projects.

Take the time to consider the best time of year to do a particular task or job. You may want to put off a roof repair that is not an emergency, until winter months in the deserts or until spring or fall in the high country. Working outside in 100-plus-degree heat presents additional safety considerations you must be aware of. On the other hand, indoor painting is a great summer activity!

Here are some tried and true steps you can take to minimize the possibility of that request making it back on the list:


Make sure to identify the task completely and succinctly. If the problem is a leaky faucet, determine the faucet’s make and model number.

If the project is to touch up paint, determine the color mix. The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer App can identify your paint color by analyzing a picture of your wall. If you don’t have the app, try to get a one-inch square sample to bring to the paint store.

Making sure you and your “Honey” agree on the expected outcome is an important tip. You don’t want to spend hours on something only to have your partner say, “That’s not what we discussed.” Ensuring you are on the same page helps avoid the “bummer” moment.

Make a Plan.

Planning is essential for tackling a small task or a major remodel. For the small jobs, such as the leaky faucet, research the faucets or the part on which you are focusing. Learn how to dismantle it and repair the piece you will be replacing. Check out manufacturers’ YouTube videos and websites for help in repairing their products.

Planning helps you to think through the task at hand. By knowing what you need to do, you can execute the “Honey Do” well. It is helpful to note the number of each item required on your list. Some items may have a lead time, which is another important reason for planning. Never underestimate the value of a plan!

Set The Stage.

Double-check that you have included anything you might need to protect surrounding surfaces. If you are painting, you will want to ensure you include drop cloths and tape. Do you have the right tools, or are there special tools you need to purchase or rent?

The next step is obtaining the pieces. Identify what you can get locally from your local hardware store or lumber yard. Order hard-to-find items online, remembering that those items may cost you more time.

Collect ALL the parts and pieces before you start the work. The project may take longer and remain unfinished if you begin before you have everything you need.

Also, think about personal protection. Safety doesn’t go out the window at home. Will you need gloves, eye protection, or a mask? Brush up on your ladder safety skills. Please do not leave these off your list.

Make it Happen!

Now, you have the parts and pieces. You have a plan. You have taken the time to go to  to research your project’s “How To.” Now is the moment of truth where you do the work and get that particular task off the “Honey Do” list.

Plan your steps, and your project will go smoother regardless of how easy or complex. When that happens, you can feel more of a sense of accomplishment and less frustration!

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