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Is My Roof Ready For Wind and Rain?

Is your roof ready for rain or a classic desert dust storm? Is it ready for a good sideways down pour? Tyler Johnson of Rosie Certified Johnson Roofing says the best way to be ready for the monsoon, and to be sure your roof is leak free, is to maintain your roof throughout the year.

Johnson recommends a regular checkup by your roofer. Most roofers will provide this service for free.

Regular Maintenance:

Tile Roofs:

A tile roof should be inspected every year. Always have cracked tile replaced, even one cracked tile can wreak havoc over time, allowing water leaks to develop.

Another issue that can develop from broken or missing tile is sun damage and aging to the underlayment. “Though tiles on a roof can last 50 years or longer, the tiles are not actually what protects your home”, says Johnson. “There is a felt underlayment that keeps the water and weather out but unfortunately, it will not last as long as the tile. The underlayment, in the Arizona climate, will last between 8-20 years. Once the underlayment has lost its effectiveness, the house will be susceptible to leaks and must be replaced.”

The only solution for rotted or aging underlayment is to replace it. This involves removing the tiles, replacing the underlayment and then putting the tiles back in place. Check out Rosie’s Roofing Consumer Guide for more roofing information.

Flat Roofs with Foam Coating:

Get a pro to inspect your roof at least every five years. A roofer can tell you when it’s time to recoat your roof or if any holes need repairing.

One sign that a foam roof needs attention is exposed foam, which means your roof may need to be removed and replaced. The white coating serves as a sunscreen, and once it is completely gone there are drastic measures that should be taken to bring it back up to standard. Coating a roof is considered maintenance and should be performed every 5-10 years.

Watch for standing water as it can put extra stress on the roof.
It is not a good idea to coat a foam roof yourself. It is more than a DIY job. A pro will clean and prepare it properly, use the best kind of coating and coat it thoroughly. A qualified roofer will also be able to create slight sloping in the roof to prevent any water puddling when it is time to recoat.

Preventative Care

In between visits from your favorite roofer, homeowners can prevent small issues from turning into big issues by keeping an eye on the roof themselves.

NOTE: We don’t recommend that homeowners climb around on the roof due to the risk of falling.

Walking around the house (from the ground) and looking up at the roof will reveal most issues. If you are comfortable, use a ladder to get a better view. Remember that walking on tile or foam roofs can cause damage to the roof.

Check around every roof penetration: Look around the chimney, vents, skylights, walls, flashing, air conditioning elbows and stands, antennas and support wires, and satellite dishes.

  1. Remove any build-up of dirt, leaves or pine needles around drains, scuppers or crickets that would cause pooling and keep water from draining off the roof. A clogged drain can lead to thousands of dollars of damage.
  2. Trim tree branches away from your roof.
  3. Check for damage or holes in the areas where your flat roof joins a tiled or shingled roof.
  4. Inspect the outside edges of the roof for loose roofing material or drip edge flashing.
  5. Look for cracked tiles.
  6. Look for cracks along the seams of rolled roofing.
  7. Search for holes pecked by birds in foam roofing.
  8. On a territorial-style home with stucco parapets, judge how well the stucco on the top and backside of all the parapets is holding up. Cracked stucco or a poor flashing job between stucco and roof material are common problems that can lead to leaks.
  9. Watch the ceiling of your home for signs of water spotting or damage.

With regular checkups and a watchful eye, your roof will be ready for monsoon storms.


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