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When a monsoon storm blows through, it can be really tough for your trees. We here at Rosie on the House turn to the experts at Integrity SaveATree who have the following tips that will help you prep your trees for the storms.

Check out the Podcast below for more indepth information on the topic and discover the Tree of the Month: #CanaryDatePalm!

Tree Tips:

  1. Prune trees the proper way by concentrating on end weight – Don’t lion-tail trees
  2. Know the signs of a hazardous tree – Consult an Arborist if needed
  3. Stake or guy trees – Duckbill anchors are sometimes needed
  4. Shut off irrigation before high winds – Saturated soil can lead to entire tree failure


  1. Water deeply to the full depth of the root ball – 3 ft for mature trees
  2. Watch trees in late afternoon for wilting – Water again only when soil has dried out
    • Remember water is often stored deeper in the soil, even when surface soil is dry
  3. Use a soaker hose to supplement drip system in extremely hot and dry conditions
  4. Once a month, run a longer turf cycle to flush salts and rejuvenate turf roots

Community News & Events:

Plant Health Care Topic:

Palo Verde Borers/Beetles

Home Maintenance & Outdoor Living To-Do | #SeasonalStormPrep



ISA Certified Arborist Sarah Maitland and Horticulturist Arborist Rebecca Senior discuss the Tree Of The Month: The Canary Island Date Palm; There are beautiful and interesting difference between the male and female palm. Plus, we chat about how the summer monsoon has brought out the Palo Verde Beetles, proper tree trimming to withstand monsoon storm winds, what it takes to be a Master Gardener and more!


Integrity SavATree is a commercial and residential tree care company specializing in tree maintenance and removals. They provide quality tree service to homes and businesses throughout the valley.

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