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Hi Y’all,

I get the pleasure to fill you in to how Rosie’s kids grew up. Rosie and Jenn constantly made a conscious effort to include their kids in everything they did. When the radio show started in 1988, it became Rosie’s chance to bring one of the kids with him each week, and take them to lunch after. It was the coveted 5th week rotation that the kids lived for! When Rosie owned Legacy, he hand delivered payroll to the job sites every Friday – another coveted rotation spot that he involved the kids in!

It wasn’t only work – it was the daily chores and the hobbies too! Rosie and Jenn wanted their kids to be independent so the girls learned how to change the oil in their cars, and the boys learned how to cook. There were so many incredibly valuable lessons that were learned in the every day routines.

Here are some major highlights:

When the Romero’s went camping, it was days of learning to read maps, using a compass, “you stay here and come find me” excursions and fire building. So many hours spent in the wilderness learning every skill possibly needed to make it. The picture here is of the 4 oldest kids breaking sticks while Rosie blows on the flame to ignite a full fire.

Or how about this picture? When Rosie helped Romey use the carpentry skills he’d been honing for years to build a horse bridge in Northern Arizona for his Eagle Scout project. Then Rosie and Jenn brought the whole gang up to see the bridge and show support for Romey’s big accomplishment!

As many of you know Carol is the last one at home. Coming in fashionably late, 10 years behind the rest of the crew, Carol and Rosie found new hobbies together. They love to hike and do Geocaching, but pictured here are the game bird dogs that they trained together. 

It wasn’t only in Arizona that lessons were learned. Summers of working around the family camp in Louisiana gave plenty of lessons of its own! Driving, fishing, hunting, nature, boating, rowing, and so much more. This picture in particular is of the crew building duck nesting boxes for the camp…just like Rosie taught ’em

Last but not least…remodeling! This is a snap shot of the girls doing the demo work on Rosie and Jenn’s bedroom remodel. Nothing better to release some teen girl frustration then letting them tear down something! No matter what it was, Rosie and Jenn always found a way to include the kids! Rosie instilled a love for reading, history and exploring. He ingrained a passion for doing your best and accomplishing all that was possible and taking on every challenge that was presented. He taught his kids to love Jesus, to respect their elders, to love and respect each other, to care for their family, be a loyal friend, and to enjoy the heck out of life! 
And I know I’m not alone in being thankful for the effort he made so often to make sure we grew up into independent, knowledgeable adults capable of providing for and taking care of ourselves and our families.
-Julia (P-Nut)

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