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Windows allow natural light to be part of your indoor experience. Natural light provides health and mood benefits, and makes performing daily tasks easier. Windows provide connection to the outdoors allowing us to enjoy views and make the space we are in feel bigger.

You may be shopping for new windows for any of a number of reasons including, improving energy efficiency, upgrading safety, or updating the interior of your home. Maybe you are simply replacing broken or old windows that have a seal failure and have condensation between the panes.

Whatever the reason, when it is time to replace windows at your home be sure to start with Pella Windows and Doors. It is no secret that Rosie on the House is a fan of Pella who has been around since 1925. They remain in the top 3 window manufacturers largely due to their vision statement where they see the word ‘care’ not as a word but as a legacy and they strive to do right by their customers.

Replacing windows provides a high return on investment. This years’ Cost vs Value report states the ROI for (wood) windows come in at 72.5%. The Energy Star Rating their products have earned makes their installation a candidate for tax credits of 10%. Pella has many options no matter what kind of windows and doors you need.

Our topic this month has been security and when it comes to security they have some very innovative products.

French Doors

As beautiful as French doors are, they have historically been a security challenge. The biggest challenge comes with having a 2-panel door. If not secured with a vertical bolt and a screw placed in the header, the door can be easily kicked open. However, Pella has developed a 3-point locking system solving this issue. Lift up on the handle and the door latches then lift up, turn the bolt and you have a secure door.

Front Doors

Front doors manufactured by Pella not only welcome your guests with an inviting entry, they also help keep out unwanted burglars. SECURITY Multipoint locking system secures your door in three places instead of one. It takes more force to break through a door with Pella’s optional multipoint lock system versus a standard lock. With SMART HOME Built-in security sensors you can monitor whether your front door is open or unlocked from virtually any location. In addition all Pella Doors meet Energy Star requirements reducing energy consumption and help to keep indoor temperatures constant. Exterior frame features a trademarked EnduraClad finish and all doors carry a lifetime limited warranty.

In addition, Pella’s standard hardware is not only an attractive element of your door but it Includes SmartKey® Re-Key Technology.

Patio Doors

Patio door styles come in 4 choices, sliding, hinged, bifold and multi- slide. Pella patio doors are a great value – stylish and fitted with a footbolt lock, adding additional security to the door latch. The footbolt can be activated with the door cracked open up to 3″ which allows for fresh air and security.

One common sign that your glass patio door needs to be replaced is draftiness. Also, when seals around doors age, they can get smaller and break. If the seal fails, air and moisture can build up between the panes making your view murky.

For something extra special that provides a real feel of open space, the Scenescape multi Slide Door shares the same locking system as the traditional sliding glass door brings the outside in with a dramatic flare.


Pella windows, with built in blinds, are not only beautiful but provide a layer of security. Solar powered blinds can be programmed to open and with instinctive technology. This safety feature allows you to have the utmost privacy and helps prevent ‘window shopping’.

And don’t forget to take a look at the Pella Insynctive technology available for $10 per window. Hidden sensors in the windows connect to your phone through an app. The app will not only display if windows are open or closed but will also let you know if they are locked or unlocked. Battery replacement every 10 years is all that is required to maintain the sensors.

“Upgrading doors and windows is an upgrade that pays dividends in several areas: a quieter, cleaner, more comfortable and more secure home. I’ve found that Pella does this at all price points better than anyone!” Rosie


Rosie Romero visits with Adam Homer at the newest Pella Windows and Doors Showroom in Gilbert Arizona. Together, they highlight the newest design in doors including the most popular door feature: doors that allow you to open up the back of your home to the outdoors like never before while still providing all of the Pella security and luxury. 


Since 1925, building professionals have looked to Pella for innovative window and door solutions. Today, the Pella® family of brands offers a full range of quality windows and doors for new construction, remodeling and replacement projects. We are particularly proud that we can offer our residential and commercial customers windows and doors to meet virtually any style or budget. Pella Gilbert | Pella Tucson | Pella Phoenix


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