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How To Get The Best Deal On Windows During A Tough Economy

Reducing The Cost Of Your Windows

It’s no secret that homeowners are shelling out more money on gas and groceries, and worried about the threat of recession. And on the flip side, window and door companies are dealing with rising costs that are out of their control, driven by supply chain issues, labor shortages, inflation, covid and the price of gas.

It’s a tough time for both sides. What’s a homeowner to do?

Investing time in a thorough due diligence process before you buy is sure to pay off. Here are a three tips from Rosie on the House Certified Partner DunRite Windows & Doors, so you can spend less on your new windows without compromising on brand or quality:

  1. Look past advertised “sales” to compare bottom line pricing
  2. Know the price impact of certain upgrades, color choices, and frame materials or thicknesses
  3. Consider financing options besides home equity while rates are high
  4. Check reputation before you sign, so you don’t make a choice that ends up costing more in the long run

Look past advertised sales, compare bottom line pricing

If you really like a salesperson and what he/she/they tell you about product and pricing, it can be tempting to sign on the bottom line right then and there during the appointment. Wrap it up and get ‘er done.

New Kitchen Windows

But savvy shoppers wait, and take a little extra time to get at least three estimates.

This ensures you understand local pricing, see past those who inflate prices only to put them “on sale,” and compare vendors. It also allows you to ask for price matching, or more competitive pricing from the vendor you prefer.

Just be sure to compare the same products, options and upgrades for each estimate, so it’s an accurate price for apples-to-apples product.

Another benefit of multiple price quotes? It ensures you aren’t talking to companies that only offer one product from one manufacturer. If it’s all they sell, they can’t recommend anything else, and there are multiple manufacturers of replacement windows who offer comparable products at vastly different prices. Getting multiple estimates ensures you’re talking to those with experience installing a variety of brands, with expertise about the pros and cons of each. They can readily talk about the best product for your home, with a solid explanation for why it’s the best choice. They might be able to provide a great product at a lower cost, which can be a welcome savings to offset what’s going on with our economy and our wallets.

Don’t let them pressure you, though. Their job is to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision… not close the sale quickly.

Know the price impact of certain upgrades, color choices, and frame materials or thicknesses

Some things add quite a bit to your pricing, and the salespeople don’t always think to tell you.

For example, if you want a different color on the window frame’s exterior versus the exterior, such as black and white, that might cost you more than you realize. It also might limit you to just one product choice, eliminating others that are similar in quality but less expensive, or nicer at the same cost.

Be sure to discuss options in enough detail that you understand the impact on price of these types of choices.

Different Window Types For Selection

Another thing that might add to the budget? Choosing a narrow frame style. If you’re at a showroom that only sells one brand of window, this style choice just might bump you out of their mid-range vinyl frame options into their high-end product line with a composite frame. Or it might jump you up to a fiberglass frame, which is a fantastic choice in Arizona, but can be considerably more expensive. You’ll want to understand the impact on price, and the impact different choices of frame materials have on the life of the window.

If you talk through these kinds of topics while you’re getting multiple price estimates, you’ll be surprised how much you learn, and what kinds of details can drop or increase the price you pay.

Upgrades and features also have an impact on price. According to Sal Sucato, owner of DunRite Windows & Doors, there are a few upgrades and add-ons that might not be worth the extra money. Triple-pane windows are more effective in cold weather than warm, and can take decades to recoup the price difference in savings on your energy bill, so that’s one to avoid, he says.

Upgraded spacers between panels of glass, and upgraded foam insulation are two more upgrades that don’t pay off. Instead, he recommends investing in low-E3 or E4 glass coatings, which can make a big difference compared to the E2 glass that comes standard in most windows. It keeps the hot sun outdoors where it belongs. Argon gas is another feature that’s a must in Arizona, and worth every penny.

Upgraded warranties also rarely pay off. Instead, look for a window product that already has a great warranty, and a windows and doors company that offers more than the two-year installation warranty that Arizona requires. For example, DunRite’s lifetime installation warranty is free of charge, a nice value-add, and there are several great manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty for their product without an extra hit to the budget.

Be sure to look closely at both product and installation warranties, which are always separate. These can impact your budget, and influence your final choice of product.

Consider financing other than home equity while rates are high

If you want to hang on to your cash and use other means to pay for new windows, don’t jump at a home equity loan or HELOC (home equity line of credit) too fast. It can pay to consider other options while interest rates are high.

Most window and door companies offer financing that have attractive interest rates without putting your home on the line as collateral. “However, watch out for the zero interest loans. They typically have costs built into the final price,” adds Sucato, “so be sure to look closely at the numbers. It’s not always a good deal.”

Finance Your Window Purchase

Taking time to compare financing options lets you evaluate the best payment and terms possible.

Also be sure to talk through the expected timeline for the project. If the installation won’t happen for six or nine months, or longer, that will impact when you pay for the windows. You’ll want to understand when financing payments start, if the installation timeline impacts those payments, and if it impacts any discounts or zero finance offers that are included. For example, most financing requires some sort of down payment, but actual payments don’t begin until 30-90 days after installation is complete. If your install date is a year out, that gap before payments begin can impact budgeting, or steer you towards using cash instead.

Check reputation before you sign the contract

You’ve landed on a product you like at a price you’re comfortable with… but there’s one more piece of due diligence we recommend before you sign that dotted line: Check their reputation.

Taking a moment to check a company’s reviews, their BBB rating and their record with the Arizona Registrar can help you end up with a company who believes in customer service, and will bend over backwards to do the job right.

Just be cautious with reviews, since it can be hard to spot the fake ones… a problem Sucato says is rampant in the window industry. Look for things like users with just one review, a high volume of reviews on the same date for a strange assortment of companies, a generic name that sounds mass-produced, or profiles with a large number of reviews that have a rating without a comment. Most people leave an assortment of reviews that range from good to bad, with some sort of detail explaining the review or an emotional situation. Other signs of fake reviews can include poor grammar or stilted overly correct grammar, using the same words over and over in their reviews, a focus on irrelevant details, and extreme negative or overly enthusiastic emotion.

Don’t skip looking into a company’s reputation before you sign! Choosing the wrong contractor can cost you far more in the long run, and make the process unnecessarily stressful. I’s essential.

After all, the more facts you have at hand, the easier it is to make a decision that works for you, your finances and your home. After all, you want something you’ll love for as long as you live in the home!

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DunRite Windows & Doors

DunRite Windows & Doors is a locally owned and operated, family business in Scottsdale, with a solid reputation, incredible customer reviews and competitive pricing on top brands. They bend over backwards for a smooth, hassle-free installation, something you can count on with a Rosie Certified Partner. Schedule a quote and ask for the Rosie on the House discount today!



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