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Overson Pest Control

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Regular Pest Control

The first treatment around your home is what is called an 'initial flush out'. This special treatment attempts to gain control over existing pest populations. Your first regular treatment should follow within 30-45 days of the initial treatment to help break up egg cycles. Insects are immune to treatments while in their egg shells and our products must be active to catch pests as they hatch. Initially you may see a slight increase in pest activity as pest populations are disrupted. Within a few weeks you should see this activity drastically decline as our products take effect. Over time, these pest levels will continually decrease as regular services are performed. Regular treatments are critical in maintaining protective barriers and preventing infestations from reoccurring. This service includes treatment for American roaches, silverfish, Argentine ants, crickets, millipedes, sow bugs, box elders, earwigs, odorous ants, spiders, centipedes, and scorpions.

Bee Control

This bee treatment includes eliminating a bee hive or bee swarm. After our products are applied it may take up to 48 hours for the bee activity to stop. If there is a beehive with honeycomb in an enclosed area we can remove it but it will be an additional cost. The price of honeycomb removal will depend on location of the hive and what materials will need to be removed.

Rodent Control

This indoor rodent treatment will include setting traps in locations determined to have rodent activity by both you and by the technician. The traps will be located inside of locked boxes and are therefore kid and pet safe. After the initial set up, we will need to return quickly to remove any rodents that may have been caught. After the first follow up visit, we will return weekly to re-bait and check traps.

Termite Control

Our technicians are certified through the Pest Management Division of Arizona Department of Agriculture to perform this treatment. They will trench and rod around the exterior the home, as well as down drill through the concrete to apply the liquid termiticide base product. In some cases we will also stem drill into the foundation, if needed. After the treatment is applied, all drilled holes will be patched and trenches will be filled. The termiticide base product we use is the best on the market.

Seasonal Mosquito Control

Between the months of March and October we see an increase in mosquito activity due to spring rain fall and summer monsoons. With a fogger we treat the trees, foliage, and other resting sites of the home. This is recommended to be done a few times throughout this mosquito season to maintain a mosquito free zone.
Service Info

We pride ourselves on being a lot more customer-focused than our competitors. Where other companies schedule your appointment a week out and try to go for cheaper treatments, we offer next-day servicing and use only the top industry brands.

We know that when you have a pest, you want it removed as soon as possible, so we offer fast, accurate, and efficient service.


$49.00 for initial service


Our technicians are all background checked and certified through the Pest Management Division of the Arizona Department of Agriculture.


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