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The Single Most Effective Thing to Reduce Your Energy BIll

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Reducing electric bills. This is not done by using less electricity but by paying less for what you use through the Energy Sentry Demand Computer by Advanced Home Systems and the practice of Super Cooling your home.

Offering systems compatible with both SRP and APS, this product allows homeowners to efficiently use the rates offered by utility companies.

Listen to what our customers have to say about the money they have saved while keeping thier home cooler.

Rosie's & Romey's Comments

Electric rates for your home can be very confusing and inconvenient. We are told to do this now & that later and use a little less. Let us get you to think a whole other way. If you could manage the electricity for your home in a way you could live at the temperatures you really want without having to worry about when to dry clothes and when to use certain appliances and lower your electric bill at the same time, wouldn't you do it? You can with Advanced Home Systems! Rosie's first year with his system, he saved over $1,200.

It's the single most cost effective invetment you can make to reduce your energy bills. ~Rosie.

Years in the Trade

President Steve Koepp since 1984


"[the unit] Paid for itself in less than 2 years"


"...we put around $130 back in the pocket in the summer!"


"Not only do spend $70 less than the average home my size (1,600 square feet), but I also consume fewer kilowatt-hours than I did without the Energy Management Computer. Romey"


  • Electric League Leadership Award

Audio Testimonials from Radio Call-ins & Voicemail

Randy "is saving $70 a month on his heated pool."

Ruth "August 2007 bill was $547.47 without a unit and $324.87 in 2008 with a unit!"

Patty "I'm sitting on the back porch because it's too cold in the house!"

Advanced Home System Client "Last July (utility) bill was nearly $300 before the unit, $111 this July (with the unit)."

Steve Koepp "Romey, last year you paid $6.49 per day and this year you are paying $5.35...for a net savings of 33%"

Romey Romero "$216 last June to $161 this June at 68 degrees (off peak)"

Advanced Home System Client "in the first two months, already saved over $300"

Monica "I recommend Advanced Home Systems to everyone I talk to!"

Tim "is happy with the system!"

Chris "his bill went down again this year!"

Susan "just wanted to express how happy she was with the system!"

CJ "saved 54%.... It just works"

Bruce "I couldn't be more satisfied; I would recommend them to anyone."

Diane "My daughter is thrilled with her energy bill."

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