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April 27, 2013


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(running time 12:03)
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Segment 4
(running time 6:49)

Weekly Gardening Tip:
Keep your landscape tidy by cleaning up the debris, keeping compost in place and prevent pests by controlling your weeds!
Plant Something for Arbor Day from Arizona Nursery Association
In Studio Guests:

Sharon from Gardeners World and Gardeners Eden
Recommended Tree that are desert adapted:
Fantax Ash
Redbush Pistachio
Sisu is Sharon’s favorite
How to start your landscape:
Plant a big tree on South West side of the House
Kitty, has two Chileans Mesquites that are not doing well
Recommendation: Cut it and start again, Chileans do not do well in our conditions
Bob, Bermuda or Sod
Recommendation: Wait six months if you’ve used pre-emergent

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

Segment 1
(running time 11:43)
Segment 2
(running time 7:02)
Segment 3
(running time 11:19)
Segment 4
(running time 6:59)

Cleaning up the Grungy Stuff in your Home: Rosie’s Arizona Republic Article
Vinegar through the coffee machine, then water
Dave, does he drain the water heater when he leaves from the summer
Recommendation: when you leave it full, bacteria is growing in hotter temperatures. Yes, drain the water heater, rinse
with water before you refill, let it drain 3 or 4 times. Does he turn the gate valve off once it’s drained? Yes!
Shutting down your home for the Summer

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

Segment 1
(running time 11:50)
Segment 2
(running time 6:55)
Segment 3
(running time 11:32)
Segment 4
(running time 6:40)

In the studio:
Marshall Trimble: Official Arizona State Historian

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