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December 16, 2017

Here’s an overview of this week’s four-hour homeowner radio broadcast (running time 7-11AM)

Weekend Wake-Up HourYou won’t want to miss this! Allen Denoyer, a Preservation Archaeologist for Archaeology Southwest will be with us. One of the things we will be doing with Allen, will be teaching Rosie how to throw an atl-atl during the broadcast!

Outdoor Living Hour – Special EditionJay Harper of The Farm’s Choice joins us in studio! In addition we will have Master Gardener David Smith of St. Vincent de Paul in answering questions and talking about St. Vincent de Paul’s Urban Farm that grows 41,000LBS of food a year! 

Homeowner Topic: Open Lines!The lines, email and text are open for your DIY questions!Call: 1-888-767-4348Text: 411-923 (During Broadcast Only)
Homeowner Topic: Giving Can Add Extra Joy To Your HolidayChristmas is the season for experiencing special joy by giving to others. That means not just reaching out to family and friends but also extending comfort to others in need of extra help.Join us this Saturday as we give an update on three of our favorite charitiescharities staffed by people who are reaching hundreds and many thousands of people who need comfort and support.

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