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August 13, 2022
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9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Ian Hanley in Studio
Ian Hanley of Pinpoint Leak Detection And Repair can find leaks in pools, spas and slab.  Unique in that they can detect without draining your pool.  Ian describes a simple way to detect a leak using a 5 gallon bucket with the auto fill turned off.  Explains what to observe.

Explains the part of the pool called the bond beam.  What purpose it serves.  They provide a thorough examination of the entire pool to determine where you’re loosing water and money.

On The House Hour: Is Your Pool Wasting Money & Water?

Is Your Pool Wasting Money & Water? | Join us on Saturday! We’ll be joined by Special Guest Ian Hanley with Rosie-Certified PinPoint Leak Detection & Repair. Let’s make sure there’s not a leak from your pool wasting water. 

It’s the middle of summer and your pool’s water level seems to be lower than usual. With it being 110 degrees outside, you brush it off and assume evaporation is the cause. However, this assumption may have just cost you hundreds of dollars without you even realizing it. PinPoint Leak Detection & Repair, a Rosie on the House Certified Partner, explains the effects of pool leaks and how to prevent them…


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