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April 30, 2022


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David Charlesworth of ASAP Bee Removal talks about bees!  David explains how he removes bees in a method called Live Extraction.

Large gathering of bees are called a swarm.  Swarms are different from hives.

Africanized Killer Bees have a dominate gene.  Explains what happens when its introduced to a domestic colony.

Bees attack only if they’re provoked.  What to do when they attack and clothing suggestions to distract them.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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The hazards of buying flipped homes that started with the 2008 housing bubble.  Rosie touches on some of those hazards.

CALLER:  20 year old home with fiber expansion joints between the foundation and driveway.  Its degrading and popping out.  What’s a good way to replace that old fiber material.  (Romey mentions a new product Trim A Slab.)

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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CALLER:  Would like to attach Pex tubing on a water heater pressure relief valve.  Can you use Pex or what do you recommend?

Reminder APS is changing their Time Of Use plan to 4-7pm coming soon!

Scam Alert about Energy Audits.

4/30/22 (running time 8-11 AM)

8am grass icon 2 Outdoor Living Hour 

Come enjoy some Outdoor Living! This Saturday we’ll be talking about #LandscapeArchitecture and creating a landscape that will last.

newsletter line up icon 9AM Homeowner Topic: The Pros & Cons Of Buying A Flipped House

The property may not be how it appears in the listing photos | In the market for a new-to-you home? Have you noticed that some look amazing in the listing’s photos and then when visiting find that looks can be deceiving? Home sale listings are kind of like dating profiles — what is presented online isn’t always reality. The real estate market across the country is loaded with investors who are buying and flipping houses for a profit. While the updates may look great, they may only be cosmetic to attract buyers…

Remodeling Tricks That Make You Look Like A Pro | #RemodelingTricks

newsletter line up icon 10AM

Homeowner Topic: Open Lines! 

Got a question? Call In! Chat with Rosie & Romey!

Weekly To-Do Topic: #RemodelingTricks – READ MORE>>|  Like the best friend we are, we’ll be sharing our secrets! Join us this Saturday, we’ll talk about how to achieve professional results for your next DIY remodel.

Remodeling Tricks That Make You Look Like A Pro | #RemodelingTricks | READ MORE>>

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