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September 13, 2014


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In-Studio with Bill Jenkins of Think Green Irrigation & Landscaping!

Tip of the Week:  The seasons are changing, it’s cooler and time to start planning for setting up your yard!  The holidays aren’t as far away as you think and if you’d like to have the space upgraded, now is the time to get started.

*It’s a great time of the year to plant just about anything. Trees…..getting them established before next years summer heat.


  • Peggy – Here rose bush looks a little rough and wants to know what she should do to promote growth.

Reommendation – Fertilize them and prune just a little bit this time of year and wait. She should see some blooms fairly soon.

We talk pre and post emerginent to control weeds during the monsoon season. Or you could simply call Scottsdale Weed Control!

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Rosie Congratulates Assurance Builders on participating in a “Baby Makes Three” episode on the Fix It and Finish Show!

Consumer Alert Warning!!!!

Daniel Klabundi has been ordered to pay over $27,000.00 in penalites. He’s had 11 homeowner’s who gave him partial payments and never completed any of the work. Beware!!! Go to the Registrar’s website here.

After the nasty monsoons, we are happy to welcome ServPro!  If you’ve got damage in your home and need to deal with insurance companies, call 1-800-737-8776.


  • Bill – He’s concerned about his foundation “heaving” after all the recent water.

Recommendation – If this is the first time he’s seen any issues, this one time will not be enough to do any damage.

  • Bruce -He has condensation in between the panes in his window. What should he do?

Recommendation – Squaky Kleen is one option. Or, call a glass replacement company.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Retiring Your Pool for the Season or Forever!


  • We break down the cost of owning a pool…maintenance, electricity….and how often are you using it?.?
  • Keeping the pool versus taking it completely out.

Long Term Versus Short term Hibernation of your pool.

  • We discuss the process of putting the covers together.

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