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Advanced Home Systems, Inc.

Advanced Home Systems, Inc.


Product Description

**Audio Testimonials from Radio Call-ins & Voicemail**

Randyis saving $70 a month on his heated pool.

RuthAugust 2007 bill was $547.47 without a unit and $324.87 in 2008 with a unit!

PattyI’m sitting on the back porch because it’s too cold in the house!

Advanced Home System ClientLast July (utility) bill was nearly $300 before the unit, $111 this July (with the unit).

Steve KoeppRomey, last year you paid $6.49 per day and this year you are paying $5.35…for a net savings of 33%

Romey Romero$216 last June to $161 this June at 68 degrees (off peak)

Advanced Home System Clientin the first two months, already saved over $300

MonicaI recommend Advanced Home Systems to everyone I talk to!

Timis happy with the system!

Chrishis bill went down again this year!

Susanjust wanted to express how happy she was with the system!

CJsaved 54%…. It just works

BruceI couldn’t be more satisfied; I would recommend them to anyone.

DianeMy daughter is thrilled with her energy bill.

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