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If you’re interested in shopping for tools made in America, you might consider Channellock pliers. Not only are they made in America, they were invented here as well. The company that manufactures them has been based in Meadville, Pa., since 1902 and was founded in 1886 by George B. DeArment who started out by selling tools out of the back of his truck. Eventually, his company became known as Champion Bolt & Clipper.

“We used to specialize in producing tools for horses and hooved animals,” says Jon DeArment, now COO and president of what is now called Channellock Inc. “But then in 1933, the chief engineer of the company, Howard Manning, came up with an invention that would be very important in working on the water pumps in automobiles.”

His innovation was a pair of multi-position, tongue-and-groove, slip-joint style pliers that became an essential tool in repairs and construction of all kinds. The pliers were named “Channellock” and that became the name of the company as well. Channellocks are also known for their famous bright-blue handles. That’s certainly the kind of history that Americans take pride in, but sometimes those special stories slip away into the mists of time.

The company makes other tools, and the majority of them are made here, DeArment says: “The source is always clearly marked in our catalog. There certainly has been a resurgence in interest in tools made in the U.S., and the company is trying to keep up with that.”

The business has been family run for five generations. DeArment’s brother is the vice president of sales and his father serves as chairman of the board. There are 375 employees. “Our vision is to continue to grow as a family-owned business that provides the highest possible value to customers,” he said.

He also says the company lives by these principles: “Good management is never far from the factory floor; people count more than machines; bigger does not always mean better; dedication to excellence is the surest way to surmount adversity and to prosper.”

You can buy a three-piece Channellock plier set ($65) separately from our E-store or you can buy them as part of a Rosie on the House tool box by Proto Industrial. Items in the toolbox carry the Rosie logo in honor of our 30-year anniversary celebrated in 2018. Profits go to three of our Rosie on the House non-profit partners: Habitat for Humanity, St. Vincent De Paul and Military Assistance Mission.

The tool kit includes:

Rosie on the House Toolbox by Proto Industrial Includes:

  • Hammer by Estwing
  • Screwdriver by Channellock
  • Plier set by Channellock
  • Tape measure by Stanley
  • Torpedo Level by Stanley
  • Saw by Stanley
  • Hacksaw by Stanley
  • Utility Knife by Stanley

In addition to tools we are including:

Hat from Bayside

Port & Company All-American Tee-shirt

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