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7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:05)

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It's an Apple Pie Saturday as we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of "V.E. Day" and it's Mother's Day!!

*Rosie wishes his Mom, Baby Kay a Happy Mother's Day and shares a few stories about how much fun she made growing up in their house.

*Jennifer wishes her Mom, Miss Genie, and thanks her for always letting her and her sisters know how much she loves them.

Jennifer has gifts from her favorite stylist, Hilda from Pluma Designs Hair Studio and we give them away to the first caller that can tell us the English translation of a few words in German from last weeks show....Very Fun!

Segment 2 (running time 7:32)

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More giveaways for Mother's Day and fun with German Translations!

Don't have a flag to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of V.E. Day?  Find American Made US Flags at Flags Galore & More in Prescott or All The Kings Flags in Phoenix.

Jennifer talks about her experience attending an Pet Owner's Expo....Rosie wants to take away the "Man Card" for dressing up their dog.

Fun Finds for Your Pet:

Segment 3 (running time 13:05)

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Katie calls in to wish a Happy Mother's Day to Jennifer and shares a story about the dedication to her growing up....Early morning swimming lessons and all the meets!

Jennifer talks about a few organizations she found at the Pet Expo....Like Dogs On Deployment who take care of dog's who's owners are on deployment in the military.  Another group, Soldiers Best Friend, helps vets struggling with PTSD. So great!

More Finds from the National Hardware Show for Pets:

  • Training Collars with an App for your phone. 
  • Bowser Beer! Your dog can tailgate too!
  • Automatic Feeders and home cams with Apps for your phone. 

Rosie reads a letter from a listener who sets him straight on the pronunciation of "Casa Grande."   (Rosie commits to learning Spanish)

Another Giveaway from Pluma Designs Hair Studio...guess the German Word!

Segment 4 (running time 7:35)

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Rosie talks about some Arizona Happenings coming up this month:

We'll have another Mother's Day giveaway...A Gift Basket from Sphinx Date Ranch!

Rosie talks about his favorite section of the Arizona Republic, the Travel Section. Listen for great places to see and if you have the chance, stay at the Red Feather Lodge at the Grand Canyon.

*Find telescoping flag poles at Uncommon USA.

8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Talking Trees with John Eisenhower

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Segment 1 (running time 11:55)

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Taking questions about trees with John Eisenhower, owner of Integrity Tree Service!

Letter from a Listener:

  • Randy - He had John remove 2 trees and their work was "outstanding!"

Tree of The Month:

  • Desert Orchid Tree; It will grow 8 to 12 feet tall and thrives in Arizona. You can also shape it into a shrub if you'd prefer. Great for smaller areas and has beautiful blooms. 


  • Darryl - He wants to know how close palm trees can be planted to a home's foundation.

Recommendation - You'll want to keep it at least 3 to 5 feet away and Darryl should be fine.

  • Cleda - The tree roots in her yard are causing damage to the concrete and she wants to what she can do and if she needs to take the trees out?

Recommendation - The rule of thumb is to only remove 15-20 percent of the roots at a time and she sounds like she might be over that. Root barriers can be installed too.

Segment 2 (running time 6:46)

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Taking Care of Trees in the Summer:

  • Watering - Slow deep watering infrequently, NOT a small amount of water, often.
  • Let the soil dry out to avoid fungus growing in the soil.
  • Set the Timer's Correctly! 
  • Almost Everyone Water's too often.....


  • Margaret - Her saguaro cactus has had two arms fall off, recently. Is it sick and is she watering too much?

Recommendation - Once in a while, saguaros are buried too deep so they'll stand up straight. . That's bad for the cactus.  That's why they are propped up for the first few years to let it establish the root system.

Segment 3 (running time 11:36)

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  • We talk about how to know if you're watering deep enough to cover the root zone. Using a "tree probe" you can use to verify the proper depth.
  • Using proper water emitters for correct watering.


  • Norma - Her Shamel Ash Tree is overrun with birds and the interior foliage is really thick. Can she trim the interior branches and will that get rid of the birds too? 2nd Question, her Valencia orange tree isn't producing fruit after a frost last year....should she thin the fruit to get them back to proper size?

Recommendation - Be very careful, because these trees have sensitive skin that needs protection. She can trim some, but don't overdue it. For the Valencia Orange tree, she can thin the fruit, but make sure it's fertilized and after time it should recover.

  • Ray - His mesquite trees have mistletoe growing in them. Is there anything new on the market to get rid of it?

Recommendation - Removal by hand is still the best method. Birds take the seeds and transplant them all over nearby yards.  You'll need to fully remove all elements to prevent any further problems.

Segment 4 (running time 6:43)

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  • Joan - Should she have her tree topped? Nothing is wrong, but she wants to verify she's taking proper care of it.

Recommendation - No! "topping" isn't something John advises. Let the tree grow naturally. It creates a "witches broom" look. 

(Learn about pollarding)

  • Tom - In Nebraska, he uses a Ross Root Feeder. Is that something that would work here?

Recommendation - That would work fine, but if your watering correctly, it shouldn't be necessary.

*We Recap the Tree of the Month, the Desert Orchid!
If you have questions or need help with your trees, call John at Integrity Tree Service!

9:00AM - On The House Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:06)

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  • Confused about Solar?  We're setting the record straight with Harmon Solar.

**Jennifer & Rosie's son, Will, calls from Portland to wish a Happy Mother's Day!


  • Beverly - She needs new windows and wants to know what material she should use? Is it vinyl?

Recommendation - In the past, vinyl wasn't strong enough to withstand our sun.  Now, Pella Windows uses steel reinforcement and the product will work. We recommend stopping in the showroom and Rosie loves their Impervia Fiberglass Line of Windows.

Digital Newsroom:

Segment 2 (running time 6:44)

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Letter from a Listener:

  • Dennis - He wrote in to say he had solar panels installed, but now his roof needs to be repaired. Should the solar company have told him and is it illegal for them not to tell him?

Recommendation - Rosie shares a story about this exact thing and how he got run off a job site warning a homeowner. Unfortunately, there is no legal obligation for Solar Companies to do this. Be Careful and Ask!

*Julia aka "Peanut" calls with the grand kids to wish Jennifer a Happy Mother's Day!


  • Julie - She found a hole in her concrete that has a plastic tube in it and she isn't sure what to do with it. She's ripped up the carpet and going with a decorative concrete floor and needs it gone.

Recommendation - we'll pick it back up in the next segment...

Segment 3 (running time 13:22)

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Pick up Bonide Products at Viola's Flower Garden in Flagstaff, Mesquite Valley Growers in Tucson and Summer Winds in Phoenix.

We continue with Julie's Question - She sent in a pic and it's an extra conduit for electricity and she can just cap it off. It's just a mistake buy a builder or electrician when the home was built. Click here to see the photo Julie sent us.


  • Scott - He wants to put up a shade tree near his driveway. He's going to cut back his concrete, but wants to know if the roots will damage the concrete?

Recommendation - Yes, it can damage the driveway. If it were Rosie, he'd take out more concrete and use Belgard Pavers from Oldcastle Superlite. Water can drain and the roots won't do major damage.

  • Joe -He wants to replace a steel casement windows or re-glaze the windows. How do you remove the putty without damaging the glass and if it does break, can he use an insulated glass?

Recommendation - He has a "Torrence Window" and can be glazed, but it's tough. Use a heater or dryer to heat the putty up and slowly chip it out. It still might break. TruView could do the work for him. Joe can add a reflective film to the new glass if he prefers.

Don't forget to sign up for the Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation!!!

Thanks to our partners, Sanderson Ford, The Red Feather Lodge & Coyote Oatie Cookies for making trips special!

Segment 4 (running time 6:19)

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**Carol Grace, Rosie & Jennifer's daughter, calls to wish a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Another Giveaway, a Gift Basket from Sphinx Date Ranch to the 1st caller who know what German word from last weeks broadcast.


  • Mike - He's wondering if there is a specific time to replace filters on a Reverse Osmosis system in his home? He's had it 10 years.

Recommendation - The equipment should be fine after 10 years, but the filters should be replaced quite frequently.  He can call Water Treatment Technologies for help.

10:00AM - Open Home Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:15)

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Romey wishes his wife and Mother in Law a Happy Mother's Day and tells a story about an in-flight experience with Three Dog Night.

We're talking about typical kitchen remodels and what homeowner's can expect in certain pricing ranges.

Kitchen Remodel Pricing Factors & Methods:

  • How long you'll be in the home and your lifestyle.
  • Cabinets!!!! This should be your 1st purchase & will determine the rest of your budget. (Rule of thumb: You'll spend 15-20% on cabinets)
  • Using "Subjective versus Objective" method to determine certain needs.
  • The "Pain and Importance Method"
  • Create a "Bucket List" What they Need, want and would be nice.

Segment 2 (running time 6:34)

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Stan with Rosie On The House Remodeling is In-Studio to talk about average prices for kitchen remodels.

  • Basic Remodel Price.....Full Remodel.....Luxury Remodel. Price per square foot for each.
  • Replacing or Refacing Cabinets in the kitchen?
  • What to start with 1st?  Flooring drives many of the decisions. Counter tops 2nd.
  • We talk about cabinet liners and pans that catch leaks in your kitchen.

Segment 3 (running time 12:16)

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We have fun giving Stan a hard time about his Valentine's Day Gift and wish his wife, Nancy a Happy Birthday!

  • More about re-facing cabinets in your kitchen. This can save $$$ and truly change the look of the whole room.
  • Ways to cut down on costs. Do the work paint.
  • Remodeling in phases will help spread out the costs. 
  • The dangers of picking the lowest bid from contractors.
  • What does a $20,000 remodel get you? "a new kitchen in the existing space"
  • Switching lights to LED lighting and why we love it.
  • How easy it is to come up with a $50,000 Remodel? Very!!

Segment 4 (running time 6:34)

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Looking for a Remodeling Contractor in your area?

Jennifer shares a few ideas for sprucing up your home without a full remodel.

*Stan shares a story about the most expensive kitchen remodel he worked on several years ago. Over $200K!  (and she doesn't cook!?!) 

Here's a link to Consumer Guide on "How to Hire a Contractor" Read it!!!

Join Rosie On The House Every Saturday Morning!!!