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7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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  • What listener's are up to this morning!
  • Record heat this week and what it means for the summer season.
  • Safe Skiing in Arizona.

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Sign Up for the Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation!!!

*Paul is travleing this weekend and staying at the Best Western Plus Inn of Sedona and they received a gift bag from the Sphinx Date Ranch!

  • "This Week in History" & how Valentine's Day started.

Segment 4 (running time 7:59)

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Rosie talks about proper expectations on a remodel:

  • Realisting Timelines
  • Planning & Ordering materials ahead of time.
  • Pricing expectations.
  • Gauging costs in kitchen's according to cabinet's.
  • Don't forget you can call Rosie On The House Remodeling anytime!

8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Notes from the Nursery with Jay Harper

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Jay with Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company is here to take your questions!

Tip of the Week: With the warm weather, it's time for veggies in the garden. Jay talks through the plants to put in, diving deep on tomatoes.

  • Frost threat over.?.?
  • Rotating different plants to different locations within the garden.
  • Prepping the soil for the season.


  • Bonita - She has weeds in her grass. Is it too late for pre-emergent?

Recommendation - It's never too late for pre-emergent, but it is too late to get rid of the weeds that already exist. She can pull them or use a post-emergent weed control for exisitng weeds in your yard.

  • Sue - She has a mature ashe tree that has a bee nest in it. Do we have anyone that can relocate the bees instead of exterminating them?

Recommendation - There are ways to do it, but it's not very common. She can call Eric at Live Bee Removal.

  • Liz - She found pack rats in her storage shed. Do strobe lights work to deter them from nesting?

Recommendation - It's worth trying and Jay has used sound and it's worked for him. She could also look for products from Bonide.

Segment 2 (running time 6:17)

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Text From a Listener:

  • Dan - He wants to move a mesquite tree, but with the heat surge, is it too late to move it?

Recommendation - It's not too late, but Jay thinks it's more economical and a lot less work to just buy a new tree. Mesquite's grow very fast, so starting over makes sense to us.


  • Barb - She has grubs in her flower bed and can't get rid of them.

Recommendation - She could try "solarizing" the bed. Jay describes the process and this should get rid of them.

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  • Richard was listening to us talking about getting rid of the pack rats. He used it to keep them out of his car and it worked great.
  • John - He has several fruit trees and he's wondering when he should fertilize and how often?

Recommendation - "Not fertilizing during the 1st year" is outdated and he can start right now. Jay talks through his steps to strart and the overall dates he recommends.

Listener Text:

  • What can they plant to keep misquitos away?

Recommendation - Citronella plants are the most common plant used and Jay has  few more suggestions for containers, including lavender, rosemary, etc. 


  • James - He planted 12 trees last year and all have died because of the ground squirrels have been eating the roots away. What can he do?

Recommendation - He can put a barrier in the hole around the root system to keep them from burrowing into the root system. He could try to trap them and remove them from his yard. Bonide has products that can work and he can pick it up at Summer Winds Nursery.

Listener Letters:

  • Ele - She's been away and wants to know if it's too late to trim her apricot tree?

Recommendation - She can still trim it back, but if it truly needs it she can just trim it less. The best option would be to let it go this year if she can.

  • Sharon - Her orange bells didn't have any frost damage this year. Is it okay to trim them back still?

Recommendation - No, it's not too late and actually that plant is better to be trimmed after the frost danger. She could wait a few weeks at her elevation and get to work!

  • John - He received mulch through the city from his christmas tree. Is it okay to use the christmas tree as a mulch? If it's mulch, yes. If it's to be mixed into the soil, it would need to be in a mulch pile and broke down.

*Jay talks about mulching at his home.

Segment 4 (running time 7:33)

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  • Tips on lawncare for this time of year.


  • Mandy - She has a west facing wall and wants a vine recommendation for shade during the summer heat?

Recommendation - Jay thinks Queen's Wreath Vine would be good. She could try a grape vine. They are deciduous and would drop the leaves in the winter and to provide shade during the summer. Arizona Trellis can provide the structure and can be found at Marvel Masonry locations.

  • Temps are perfect for basically anything in the outdoors at your home....get to work!

Remember, you can always reach Jay during the week at Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company in Scottsdale!

9:00AM - Housing Topic

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The water experts from Kinetico of Tucson are here to share their expertise!

  • Rosie's opinion of the water treatment industry.
  • How Rosie On The House certified our water treatment experts.
  • Mike shares a few ways they treat water in your home. Drinkable & Softening.
  • How the Kinetico K5 System works. 
  • Save on plastic bottles with a Hydro Flask.
  • Learn about "Flexible Filtration"
  • Kinetico's Story in Arizona.

Segment 2 (running time 6:30)

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  • Why we need to treat municipal water.
  • The good and bad of distillation and using ultraviolet light.
  • More on the K5 Drinking System and why it's so succesful.
  • Avoid scare tactics and only use systems approved by the Water Quality Association.

Segment 3 (running time 13:35)

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  • How Martin, the owner of Kinetico of Tucson ended up in the water indutry.
  • Misconceptions around "no-salt systems" and other drinking water pitches that are used to scam homeowners.
  • Ways to know you're drinking purified water.
  • Notes on salt in your drinking water and how it's used to scare you!
  • How properly treated water improves your quality of life.
  • The process of turning hard water into drinkable water and soft water.
  • Tips on snowbirds coming back to activate a water treatment system.

Segment 4 (running time 6:45)

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  • Bob - He has no room for a water softener. Any suggestions?

Recommendation - It would require a site visit and they are certified remodelers and it is very rare that they can't work around.

If you're in Tucson and have water treatment questions or need an estimate for you home, contact Kinetico of Tucson.

10:00AM - Open Home Hour

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We discuss the latest "Cost versus Value" Report for this year:

Segment 2 (running time 7:52)

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Here's Rosie's Consumer Guide "How to Hire a Contractor"

  • Tips and tricks included in the guide, plus a few extra tips.


  • Larry - He wants to recoat his concrete sunroom flooring. What are his options?

Recommendation - Arrowhead Deck Resurfacing can recoat the flooring. Otherwise, he can use the overlay pavers by Belgard that he can find at any Marvel location. 

Segment 3 (running time 12:50)

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Listener Letter:

  • Fisher Family - What's the best product to seal flagstone?

Recommendation - Get to a Marvel location near you and they'll help guide you.

Rosie's guide on interviewing a Remodeling Contractor:

  • 1st Meeting - At your home with your details. The builder should be listening! Is he on time?
  • 2nd Meeting - At the contractor's office location.
  • 3rd Meeting - At a current or a recent client the contractor worked with.


  • David - He wants to create a work space for his wife to paint? He doesn't know where to start.

Recommendation - Follow the steps above. Experience in his neighborhood is a starting point. They need to understand the "Building Envelope" and Rosie describes a few other steps and what he should consider.

*We discuss both Trane & American Standard brands. It's all based on opinion.

Segment 4 (running time 6:59)

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  • We recap the 3 meeting places and the questions to ask while you're interviewing potential contractors.
  • Make sure the details are all listed in the bid, nothing left out. Rosie talks through all the details.
  • The Final Test......Ask yourself......"If and when something goes wrong, which one of those contractors do you want showing up at your front door?"


  • Paul - He's new to the area and looking for a home. He found one, but his truck won't fit in the garage. He wants to move the wall to expand the garage about 3 feet. What should he do?

Recommendation - Rosie is going to investigate and help determine if it's possible.

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