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Eight O'clock Landscape Hour with John Jay Harper

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Segment 1 (running time 11:46)

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In-Studio with John Jay of Harper's Nursery & Landscaping!

Tip of the Week:  It's time to clean up that yard & take a fresh look!  Ask a neighbor or a friend what they think.  Get a fresh set of eyes on your house.

(Hint: Volunteering your own opinion on your neighbor's yard might not be the best idea)

*One shade tree makes a huge difference & simply adding color to the empty pots in the front of your home will make a positive impression.

*Cleaning up is easy with a power washer...Rosie's new favorite toy around the house...the Karcher Power Washer.


  • Toby - He has several plants he wants recommendations on pruning.

Recommendation - Jay shares all the different plants and times it's best to prune. Now is NOT the time to do it.   Plants slow down on the growth and need the extra foliage to protect the plant and it won't look "pruned" all winter.

Segment 2 (running time 7:02)

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  • Wayne - He has a mesquite tree that started growing in his backyard and is now around 6 feet tall and he wants to transplant it to a different locations.

Recommendation - Dig a hole about 16-18 inches deep and wide and make sure the top is flush with the ground. Add a root stimulator to insure a proper growth. Jay also mentioned it grows really fast and if he spends $30-35 he can pick one up and save himself some work.

(Wayne called from Casa Grande..Remember we have contractors in your area! Click here)

  • Mike - He grew Desert Willow trees from seed and now they're about 18" now.....Can he plant them now?

Recommendation - we continue into the next segment....

Segment 3 (running time 11:49)

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Jay & Romey discuss plants that can scare off those mesquitoes.

  • Rosemary
  • Catnip
  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Lemon Grass

Find the complete list, here. (Scroll to the bottom)


......continuing with Mike's question & recommendation - It would be okay to plant them now; they'll just stay dormant for a few months and will be ready in the spring. 

  • Doug - He has a very small lawn, but he can't seem to get anything to grow and he's lost.....waiting for the H.O.A. to come down on him. 

Recommenation - He needs to take a lawn sample to a nursery to find out what the soil conditions are like.  You never know what's under your lawn....

  • Anne - She has a 22 year old Day Palm and she loves it. There is a lot of grass in her lawn too and she's getting estimates for synthetic turf. Some contractors are telling her this will kill her lawn, others are saying it is fine.

Recommendation - You CAN put irrigation under the synthetic, just make it fairly accessible if something breaks it will be easier to repair. Leave a bigger than normal opening around the tree to add water. Call Easy Turf!

  • Jack - He has a beautiful oak tree in his front yard and loves it. Lately, he has suckers shooting up everywhere and how does he get rid of it without killing his grass.

Recommendation - The only real option to remove them without killing the lawn is to pull them by hand. Herbicide will kill the lawn along with the suckers.

Segment 4 (running time 6:20)

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Looking for fun events to attend now that you can get back outside....Check out the Phoenix Tour do Coops.  A bike tour of different chicken coops in Arizona.

**Flower Street Urban Gardens are part of it!

Go to our Facebook Page for a great recipe on Pumpkin Rolls.


  • Sue - This is the first year her lemon tree has dropped so many leaves and she's concerned something might be wrong.

Recommendation - It's a common problem this Jay says he shouldn't be too concerned.

Nine O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 12:46)

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The crew talks about transforming a boring home that's ready for an upgrade.We love Pavers and we tell you why!

  • Cover up the cracked concrte front drive with Pavers
  • Transform the backyard gray slab to a warm inviting space!
  • Go to Belgard and click "Inspiration" for ideas.
  • When you're ready to get to work, visit Rosie's friend at Superlite.
  • Build up Planters in the front to add dimensions to your home. (put in edible plants)

*Romey shares an idea for some homeade clamps for homeowner's.  They're an extra set of hands for you!

Letters from Listener's:

  • Stephen - He's looking for a Stucco Contractor?

Recommendation - Stucco Plastering Systems! We love his work and he works in Stephen's area.

Recommendation - Energy audits are done year round!

  • Vance - His neighbor does not use the internet, can she call for recommendations for contractors?

Recommendation - Of Course! Call during the week, 1-888-ROSIE-4U or 1-888-767-4348.

Segment 2 (running time 6:01)

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  • Dan - There is one corner of his patio that is constantly wet and he wants our guess on what could be causing it? 

Recommendation - Sounds like he's done what he can, so call Thunderbird Plumbing to investigate.

  • Robert - He just bought a few trees and he's concerned about the root system invading his septic system in his front yard.

Recommendation - It's unusual to have the septic tank in the front yard, but try to keep it about 15 feet away.  Romey know where his home is and sees a lot of trees in his neighborhood.

Segment 3 (running time 11:31)

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  • Andy - The grading around his home is very flat and after the latest rains his garage had water in it. What can he do to fix it?

Recommendation - Since there was no damage, he shouldn't spend a lot of money to fix it. This summer had 3 rains that were very very was probably just a one time deal.

*It's National Author's Day and Andy loves Louis L'amour! Rosie Recommends "Men to Match My Mountains" by Irving Stone and Romey likes auther, Will James!

Sign up for the Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation, here!

Thanks to our partners who help winners have an incredible time in our great state:

Congratulations to our latest winner, Bernadine in Green Valley!

Segment 4 (running time 6:43)

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  • Roger - He has an airless paint sprayer and wants to know if he can use it as a power washer?

Recommendation - It can work in a pinch, but it needs to be put up really close to whatever you're spraying.  It's not powerful enough...go with the Karcher Power Washer!

  • James - He's in the middle of remodeling his master bathroom on the second floor and he's wondering if he put the concrete down and can seal it without putting down the tile?

Recommendation - It's a little sketch to do that......Call East Valley Floors to take a look at it. Making a mistake on a second floor shower could cost big $$$ later.

Ten O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 11:58)

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We're talking "Curb Appeal" with TWD Design. Build. Remodel. Help your home make a good first impression! We share TWD's history and what they can do for homeowner's just like you.

***Your 1st step should be to get a fresh set of eyes on your home. You come home to the same driveway every day and might not notice something anymore.

Nathan with TWD and the crew discuss what to do with your weathered front door. An upgraded or refinished front door can make a great first impression! 

  • Do It Yourselfer's might have a tough time. Make sure you're not taking on too much.
  • While the door panel is out, add extra screws and reinforce the jamb to prevent burglaries.
  • We love PPG Architectural Coatings and TWD talk about their preferences.  
  • Nathan and Rosie walk through the steps to take if you're doing it yourself. 

We have some fun with Jennifer as the guys try to figure out what emotions certain colors evoke!  (Blue - Tranquil....Gray - Modern)

Things NOT to add Curb Appeal:

  • Toilets as a planter.
  • Cars on blocks
  • A Clothes Line (Granny's undies Aren't exactly inviting)
  • Toy Clutter never looks good.

Segment 2 (running time 6:52)

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We continue talking about what to do with your front door:

  • Sometimes it's too far gone....but refinishing can be $300-$600
  • A new door can vary greatly from the lower end to top ends in the thousands.
  • Wood versus Fiberglass..We love Pella Brand Doors, very secure and beautiful. 

Another option is to add a Security Door....who doesn't want your doors open this time of year?

**We talk about your options for siding too...pricing and options. **

Segment 3 (running time 12:45)

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Rosie shares a story about a burglar breaking into a home through the front door. The homeowner replaced the door with a Pella Door and the thief came back. He couldn't get in this time!

The crew discusses different options for re-doing the siding at your home.  (Adding foam insulation while your changing the look will make your home more energy efficient.

  • T1-11
  • Wainscotting
  • Faux Stone
  • Stucco (Let Stucco cure.....We tell you how)

If you'd like TWD to take a look at your home, call 623-544-1211!  They're Showroom is a great place to get ideas.

Windows add beauty and help save money on utility bills:

  • Vinyl versus Fiberglass versus Wood
  • Your quality of life improves.
  • New windows cool off rooms and make them more comfortable.
  • Windows keep out dust and noise too.
  • Make sure windows in your home are installed & flashed properly to avoid damage.

Segment 4 (running time 6:36)

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Most homeowner's don't think about curb appeal until they are ready to sell. Why not upgrade and enjoy the benifits yourself!

We share a few very simple tips that make a huge difference if you're trying to sell:

  • Lighting - Inexpensive and adds dimension, lighting up paths and features.
  • Clean up your Yard - Messy yards look like a lot of work, even if it's not.
  • Power Wash your Home!!!  - Colors are brighter and look fresh.
  • Open the shades and have clean windows - Clean windows add light & frame views to the yard for appealing visuals

A new roof will make a dramatic difference and we share your options.

Thanks to the guys from TWD Design. Build. Remodel.  Call them at 623-544-1211.

Join Rosie On The House every Saturday Morning from 8 to 11!!