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Eight O'clock Landscape Hour with John Jay Harper



Segment 1 (running time 12:02)

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We've got the whole state covered today!!!

We're In-Studio with Jeff Harper of Harper's Nurseries & Landscaping and Romey is in Flagstaff with Misty Warner of Warner's Nursery and anyone who stopped by got a free gift from Bonide Products.

Tips of the Week: It's fall and time to get ready to start those vegetable garden if you're in the warmer areas of the state. North of the rim.....listen as Romey and Misty breakdown the plant world in the cooler temps!


  • Norita - She has a question on a bug she's seeing on her geranium flower and now it won't grow.

Recommendation - It's a common problem and she should be able to pick up a pesticide at here local nursery.

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  • John - His Bermuda grass is overrun with crab grass and he's found a product to get rid of the crab grass, leaving the Bermuda alone. He wants to wait a while to do it...his wife says he should be doing the work right now.

Recommendation - Jeff says his wife is right! It's transition time, but there's rain in the forecast this weekend, so wait until the monsoons move out of his area.

*Misty & Romey discuss the different options for a green lawn in Northern Arizona. 

  • Nancy - Her fairy duster plant's root system is starting to tangle itself around her plumbing in the yard. Is there anyone who would take it out as a whole plant because it's big and beautiful.

Recommendation - Jeff thinks it would be hard to find anyone to take on the task. Plants are fairly inexpensive and not worth all the time and effort when the plant might die due to the stress of transplanting it.

Segment 3 (running time 13:00)

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  • Drew - He wants to trim his Bird of Paradise after all the rain has it overgrown, but his wife thinks he should wait...what should he do?

Recommendation - Jeff says that his wife is right! The plant will go dormant fairly soon and he can cut it back then.

  • Jerry - He wants to know when he should put down his winter rye grass in Tucson?

Recommendation - Right now is a great time in Tucson. They run a bit cooler than Phoenix, so he can start sooner. Jeff walks us through the steps.

  • Bonnie - Her lawn is spotty and her landscaper started fertilizing every couple of months. It looked great at first, but now it's right back to where it was. He suggested skipping a winter season, but she has guests coming and doesn't want to skip this season. What do we think?

Recommendation - Jeff would go with the winter lawn over the summer grass because it's only a few months of a dead lawn. Think about Easy Turf as an alternative too.

*Romey & Misty talk through the different planting options for growing in Northern Arizona.

Segment 4 (running time 6:36)

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  • Jim - He's trying to get rid of spurge in his lawn after the monsoons. It's taking over!

Recommendation - It's a common problem and Jeff loves this product from Ferti-lome. Pre-emergent will help him knock it out before it starts next spring.

*** Thanks to Misty with Warner's Nursery and Jeff with Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company!

Nine O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Did you know it's officially "Clean Out Your Garage Day"

Today we're playing Rosie Trivia for a chance at prizes from Grillbot, HexArmor protective gloves and a gift package from Bonide.

We're joined in-studio with Julia aka "Peanut," Rosie's daughter and she gives us an update from her new life in Minnesota!


  • Shane - His garage is flooding every time it rains and wants to know what his options are to keep out the water.

Recommendation - It's possible to fix with a seal if it's a small leak, but if it's a bigger problem, he'll need to re-grade the driveway. Think about Belgard Paver's from Superlite to help absorb the moisture so it doesn't drain directly. 

  • John - He needs to replace the rollers on his sliding patio door and can't figure out how to get it out, even after removing the stationary panel.

Recommendation -  We answer John's question in the next segment.

Segment 2 (running time 6:30)

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Continuing with John's question on removing his sliding patio door. There is anti-lift hardware installed to prevent entry into his home. There's usually a magical spot in-between the open and close space that allows you to lift the panel and slide it out.

Letters from Listeners;

  • Roger - Congrats to the Cajun Carpenters on an LSU win last weekend.
  • Tim - He bought a granite counter-top on sale and needs someone to install it.
  • Alice - Loved her new coating in her garage from Arrowhead Deck Resurfacing.

Segment 3 (running time 13:26)

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  • Brett - He's looking for someone to transform his backyard and wants a one-stop shop type of place to do it. He also wants the same type of recommendation for replacing the cabinets and flooring in his garage. 

Recommendation - Call CYC Landscaping or Think Green Irrigation & Landscaping.  For the garage, call Arrowhead Deck Resurfacing.

*Brett also had Bob Brown with Arizona Foundation Solutions out to work on his foundation issues after Rosie recommended him. He's happy and thinks Bob had the perfect solution.

  • Phil - (Answered our Rosie Jeopardy question correctly about "Super-Cooling" a home.  If you don't know what that means.......for shame!  Start saving without spending a dime)  His granite slab keeps separating at the seam, even after bracing and several trips by the installer.

Recommendation - It sounds like the cook top is way too close to the seam and isn't properly protected with a heat barrier. The temperature variation is causing expansion and contraction and separating the slabs at their seam

Segment 4 (running time 5:48)

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  • Ken - He heard a previous callers question about a new sweep on his garage door and wanted to know if that would work well to keep the dust out too.

Recommendation - A new sweep will help, but we wouldn't call it a true solution. Call A-Authentic Garage for advice.


Ten O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 11:55)

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Romey checks in from Flagstaff at Warner's Nursery and share some fun letters from listener's about how they used duck tape.

Call In From an Expert:

Mary Kate, Product Manager for Duck Tape brand duct tape joins us and share the fun stuff they are doing, including the "Stuck at Prom" Scholarship winners!! It may be a unique American idea, but it's moving worldwide!

Letters from listeners:

  • Did you know duct tape started as an invention to keep water out of ammo boxes during World War II?
  • It's been used to hold an airplane door shut so a plane could make a safe landing.

Segment 2 (running time 6:54)

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  • Joe - He found mold along the roof line inside his home and he's fixed the roof, but now he's replacing the drywall and wants to know if he needs to use a water barrier.

Recommendation - He can skip the barrier but could go with the paper backed insulation and just sheet rock over that.

Got a Painting Project?  Make sure to use PPG Pittsburgh Paints!

If you're trying to paint a straight line on your walls or even wavy one, textured walls make it tough. Try Frog Tape!!!  We're big fans and it can make you look like a pro.

Segment 3 (running time 12:46)

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Did you know they make scented duct tape?.?  It's true. Click here!

Sign up for the Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation!

Rosie shares his tip on a Staycation with a purpose. Clean up our beautiful Arizona landscape!  Learn more here.

Letters from Listeners:

  • Joseph's TV has interference every time he turns on his AM radio. What should he do?

Recommendation - We reached out to our experts from Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists and Don told us that both the units are probably hooked up to the same electric circuit and that it's not wired properly.

  • Is it possible to replace a flat roof with the insulated metal roof we talked about a few weeks ago?

Recommendation - That's a tough job that's very expensive, especially as a replacement and not part of a new structure. Make sure improvement projects are cost effect endeavor! Banker Insulation knows what it takes. 

  • Bob - He's had multiple suggestions from multiple does he know what to listen too.


  • Dave - He's building a pergola out of old telephone poles. He's done this before, but he's working with some that are still saturated with creosote.

Recommendation - Proceed with caution. Think about calling an expert like the guys from Porter Barn Woods.


Segment 4 (running time 6:31)

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Thanks to all the callers who played Rosie Trivia!

Prizes from Grillbot, HexArmorBonide Product Package and grilling spices from Louisiana Gold Products.

*Find Bonide Products at Summer Winds Nursery in Phoenix, Viola's Garden in Flagstaff and Mesquite Valley Grower's in Tucson.

If you've saved money from our advice or by using one of the Rosie-Certified contractors, we ask you to just take a small percentage of the savings and pay it forward. Donate to Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona!

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