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7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:20)

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  • Rosie talks about his trouble enjoying his time in Dallas.
  • We also recap some fun we had last week.

We welcome Al Schoon in to talk about geocaching in Arizona.

  • What is "Geocaching"
  • There are over 2 million cache's all across the world.
  • Here's the Arizona Republic Article we Rosie found Al's information.

Segment 2 (running time 7:28)

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What it takes to get started geocaching:

  • Sign up at the Geocaching website.
  • How Al found Rosie's cache.
  • Free versus Paid experiences.
  • Naming your Geocaches.
  • Trusting your GPS is key to a successful adventure.

Segment 3 (running time 13:56)

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  • Al aka "Duckmeister" talks about unique ways to hide the geocache
  • Tracking with tags. Your avatar could end up anywhere in the world!
  • Using geocaching to get in shape....Al lost 40 lbs!

Sign up for the Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation!!!

*Thanks to our great partners like Cerreta Candy & Coyote Oaties.

  • Arizona activities for this weekend and geocaches nearby.
  • The "Indiana Jones and The Flame of Chantico" geocache put out by the "Raven"
  • Finding a geocache can be very fun and full of twists and turns.

Segment 4 (running time 7:24)

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  • Proper protocal for geocaching.
  • Al's adventure for a Girl Scouts Troop.
  • Unique ways Al hides his avatar's, i.e."Puzzle Caches"

Thanks to Al Schoon for stopping in today to talk about geocaching!

8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Talking Trees with John Eisenhower

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Segment 1 (running time 12:16)

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In-Studio with John Eisenhower, certified arborist and owner of Integrity Tree Service.

*John sets the record straight on a few tree trimming methods.

Tree of the Month: Deciduous Fruit Trees (Apples, peaches, pears, apricots, plums, etc.) Arizona can grow more fruits than many of us are aware of. 

  • Plant them in the winter, unlike many other tree varietis.
  • John talks about the success and struggles he's gone throuh at his home.
  • Proper pruning to increase fruit production.
  • How elevation effects trees.


  • Peter - He wants to move his 3 year old fig tree. What does he need to know?

Recommendation - It sounds like it's about the right size to move and he should do it in December or January. John talks through a few more tips too.

Segment 2 (running time 6:32)

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  • Ann - She has a wood pecker attacking her mesquite tree...

Recommendation - It sounds like a Gila Wood Pecker and can damage trees trying to eat sap. They look like insect holes, but they are from birds. She can wrap the branches to protect the bark and some people use cd's or other reflective materials to deter birds from using your trees.

*We talk about frost and ways to use frost cloth so it protects your trees and other landscape in your yard. 

Segment 3 (running time 12:27)

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  • Tips on hanging Christmas lights the proper way so you won't damage your trees.
  • Be safe using ladders!
  • Setting the record straight on deciduous and evergreens


  • Brad - He took out 3 sissou trees in his yard and now the root system is pushing out shoots all over his yard. What can he do?

Recommendation - Unfortunately, there is not an easy solution. John talks about the root system underground and how the soil contains new shoots that can be a very long battle. Spot treating can be a never-ending process and soil removal is a last resort.

Segment 4 (running time 6:40)

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  • John answers a question from a listener who had a bad connection on how to transplant a tree from the alley to her yard.  Make sure she understands the weight of a root ball and how difficult it can be to correctly transplant larger trees.
  • Dave from Gardener's Touch Landscape called in to give his advice on treating for sissou trees. He recommends increasing the frequency for treatments for killing it underground.


  • Charlie - A woodpecker is damaging his 25 year old apple tree and wants to know if he can save it with damaged branches.

Recommendation - He can cut back the dead wood and try to save it. Improve the irrigation and fertilization to try to stimulate new growth. *Remember the lifespan of many fruit trees is only 15 years or so.

If you'd like John to care for your trees or have questions, stop by Integrity Tree Service.

9:00AM - On The House Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:43)

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Holiday's are quickly approaching! What should you consider adding to your guest room to be a good holiday host:

  • Consider buying a stand for a suitcase so your guests don't have to have their clothes on the floor.
  • Lighting....give your guests a reading lamp so they don't have to jump out of bed to turn out the lights.
  • Check that mattress! Don't make your guests sleep on a 25 year old lumpy mattress.
  • Keep the pet out!
  • Everyone's sleeping temperature is different. Consider fans and an extra blanket.

If you'd like to get a small project done before the holidays consider these contractors:

*Rosie & Romey talk about a great website started by the founder of 5 Hour Energy Drinks, Billions in Change and we talk about all they're doing.


  • Blair - He has noticed their faucet in the kitchen sink is letting out less and less water. Any idea what it could be?

Recommendation - We start with the aerator and start investigating. We'll continue with Blair in the next segment.

Segment 2 (running time 5:47)

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  • Kit - 3 years ago they extended her patio and the wood that's exposed is getting hit with the irrigation and replaced it with hemlock, a harder wood. Should they stain and seal it again or is there something else they should do and what type of caulking?

Recommendation - She need to try to get the irrigation and any other moisture off the wood as much as possible. Rosie thinks a masonry face would be a better solution than wood. Go to Belgard's website for solutions!

Segment 3 (running time 13:19)

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  • Blair - We walk him through the steps to clear his kitchen faucet.
  • Luz - She wants to know how much to cut down on the drip irrigation for her bougenvilla during the winter? 2. Can she use painter's drop cloth to protect plants from freezing? 2. Roots are damaging her concrete. What can she do?

Recommendation - In her area, she shouldn't need much water at all. Cut it waaay back! Maybe down to once a month.  She can use drop cloth, but they are a little heavy. Just make sure it doesn't damage the plant. Digging out the root and removing it will stop the damage and keep it from getting worse.

Back to our Topic of Preparing Guest Rooms for the Holidays:

  • Live in your guest room for a few days to make sure it's comfortable.
  • Think of it as a high end hotel room.
  • Make sure there is space to charge laptops & phones.
  • What about laundry?
  • Find out what your guests like to eat.

*Romey talks us through different methods of getting rid of ants.

Segment 4 (running time 5:48)

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  • More with Blair and his kitchen faucet........our solutions look like it worked and he'll check with his wife when to see if it is working well enough.
  • More about Holiday Guest's and proper etiquete.

10:00AM - Open Home Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:57)

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Nathan Angel, local representative for Belgard Hardscapes is here along with Ken from Shea Homes to talk about the latest trends inside and outside of homes. Find Belgard products at Oldcastle Superlite in Phoenix or Young Block in Tucson.

  • Home Building History in the Valley.
  • How insulation and windows have evolved in energy efficiency.
  • Environments For Living (EFL) Standards.
  • Sealing your homes and how to create a healthy clean home.
  • Learn more about Shea Homes and what they do on their YouTube Channel.
  • High efficiency pools save on utility bills now.

Segment 2 (running time 5:52)

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  • Ken shares the Shea Homes story and how they got started.
  • Who are Ken and guys like him building for?
  • How big a part of the home buying market are Gen X'ers and Millenials?
  • The tred of "Multi-generational" building. (Adding a 2nd Master Suite)

Segment 3 (running time 13:01)

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  • Bob - He wants to know what type of air introduction we are talking about..passive/non-passive and other options?

Recommendation - Ken talks though the process and how the thermostat can control the intake.

**We answer another question about an intake that has been closed by a utility company.

  • Tips on saving on energy costs.
  • How quickly trends change and how builders stay up to date.
  • "Shea 3-D"
  • Belgard Pavers are everywhere! We love them!

Segment 4 (running time 6:20)

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  • Outdoor Centric Designs


  • Patricia for Joan - She has an acre and a quarter to build a home on and wants to know if Shea can build her home?

Recommendation - Shea Homes is a community builder, not a single home builder. Rosie will call her with a qualified builder and she can always go visit a Shea Home for building ideas.

  • Ken describes "The House of the Future"

Thanks to Nathan from Belgard Hardscapes and Ken Peterson from Shea Homes for stopping to share new innovations in home building.

Join Rosie On The House every Saturday Morning!!!