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Eight O'clock Landscape Hour with John Eisenhower

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Segment 1 (running time 12:00)

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Certified Arborist John Eisenhower with Integrity Tree Service joins us to talk trees!

Jesse Sanchez with APS joins us too! He specializes in keeping trees away from power lines.

Tree of the Week: Jesse loves the Jacaranda Tree

  • They produce beautiful lavender flowers. T
  • They grow 35-40 tall and 25-30 feet wide when fully grown.
  • Sensitive to frost and don't over-prune.
  • They need to grow here in the Valley. Any further north, it's just too cold.

*The crew discuss planting trees safely to avoid issues with power lines as the tree grows. (If the tree grows 40 feet tall and the power line is 25 feet above a young've going to have issues. )

*John shares tips on safely planting trees to block unsightly power lines. 

*Always assume lines are power lines, just to be safe.

Segment 2 (running time 6:41)

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  • Brett - He wants to know if a monkey pod tree can grow here in Phoenix?

Recommendation - John's see them at the arboretum here, but isn't sure. Research the tree and it might be possible. John says give it a go!  You never know and after researching the tree, try to control it's environment and he might be surprised.

  • Margaret - She wants to know the difference between an oroblanco and a pomelo fruit? She can't tell the difference.

Recommendation - Some of those fruits are similar. John suggests calling for Greenfield Citrus Nursery if she needs more clarification.

(If she's considering planting one of the trees, the grapefruit hybrids are usually easier to grow. )

*We talk pruning. NO PRUNING CITRUS THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!! We'll talk deciduous pruning in the next segment.

Segment 3 (running time 12:30)

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When it's rainy like it was over this weekend, consider getting out in the yard.

The soil is softened up, making digging a whole lot easier.

Temps are cooler and much easier than standing in the AZ summer sun!

Work smarter, not harder!

*The crew moves on to talk about planting and pruning deciduous trees. Do you know what it means to be deciduous? Semi-deciduous?

*Romey & John talk about what you're looking for when and what it means to future work.

*Jesse discusses what it means to prune around power lines. (directional pruning) They recommend trees be removed all the time. Plan, plan, plan and avoid tree/power line conflicts.


  • Joyce - She has a navel orange tree with a lot of fruit on it. She's not native to Arizona and the fruit is turning orange, but she doesn't know when to harvest them?

Recommendation - There are a lot of varieties of oranges and ripen at different times. The navel orange should be close right now.

Note:fruit color doesn't determine if the fruit is ripe. The only way to know if it's ripe is to taste it.

  • Phil - He just bought a new home and is looking for a tree that fills the space allowed and won't create too much litter for the pool in his backyard?

Recommendation - Most palms only drop fruit and other debris once a year and John loves the pistache tree too!

  • Bob - He was told a Brazilian Pepper tree could handle the frost. The plant froze a few years ago and after cutting it down to the ground, it's coming back....what should he know?

Recommendations coming in the next segment......

Segment 4 (running time 6:48)

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we answer Bob's question from last segment....

Recommendation - Even if a tree freezes, remember that the root system is still established. Cut it back and give it a chance to grow back instead of starting the whole process over.  If a few shoots are coming out, pick one that looks best and commit to growing that.

*We discuss frost prevention and how to properly cover plants without damaging it.

  • Anne - She has a mesquite tree that's a few years old and she heard that after a few years, it's best to stop watering it.

Recommendation - It's true that you can cut back on the water after a few years, but completely cutting it off isn't necessary. Remember to water slow and deep to be most effective.

Thanks to John and Jesse with APS for joining us to talk trees. If you have tree questions or need a certified arborist, call John with Integrity Tree Service!

Nine O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 12:18)

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Rosie shares some of his traditions for the holidays.....shocker! It's buying LSU Tiger gear for the grandkids.

*Reminder: This time of year, thefts increase. Be careful. Be Aware. Protect Yourself!

We recap last week's show, "shopping local."  Click here for links to Arizona gift ideas!

Special thanks to Tommy Merideth, owner of The Jersey Lilly Saloon,  Prescott Mayor Marlin Kukendall, plus Architect & Builder, Tom Reilly; owner of Renovations for making it a great weekend!

Congrats to the winner's who shared their best Arizona gift ideas! They'll join Rosie & Jennifer in the KTAR Suite for a Phoenix Suns game!

Our Topic today is "Moisture Management" gutters, water drainage, harvesting and the potential damage.

-Many of you found out that even though we get very little rain in the desert, the potential damage is significant. 

Romey Takes us into The Digital Newsroom:

  • Jim - His back patio has drywall on the ceiling and it's damaged. Should he repair, replace or do something else? 

Recommendation - He can repair it. We recommend using Quikrete as part of the repairs.

  • Victor - Heard the show a few weeks ago about door replacement...what was the recommendation?

Recommendation - We covered Freelite's new product on this show...interior door replacement is easy and comes with virtually no mess during installation with the Home Story Door Replacement.

Segment 2 (running time 6:30)

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  • Jason - During the last monsoon season, he saw a leak in his roof. Now, one of the closets has some mold issues....what should he do?

Recommendation - If he has access to the attic, he needs to go up and take a look at the damage on the backside of the ceiling. Mold can be an over-blown issue, but if you're allergic or it's hazardous, this is a legitimate an serious concern. Call Air Quality Specialists in Glendale.  Never spray treat mold....this spreads mold spores. Use sponges or rags.

**Rosie talks about the different types of damages the rains caused this summer versus the winter rains we'll experience this time of year.

Segment 3 (running time 12:35)

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  • Kevin - He has an interior door that closes by itself. Now that the family has a newborn, they want to be able to leave the door open. What should he do?

Recommendation - This is one of Rosie's favorite fixes.  If the door has two hinges, simply take out the bottom hinge (the middle hinge if there are 3)  Take a large hammer and strike the pin about a third of the way down and then put it back. Voila! Simple and won't cost him a dime.

  • Walfy - He lives on a very busy road with a lot of street noise. After replacing his front door and several windows, the sound is even worse!? The company he used is coming back out and he wants to know what he should do?

Recommendation - The best option would be to go to a triple pane window or door. Most dual pane windows won't help, but if you have two different glass widths on the same window, that will help. Sound waves hitting different glass thicknesses cut down on sound frequency and reduce the overall noise making it's way through the opening and into your home.

**Rosie shares more on how to eliminate sound entering your home. Listen! (pun intended)

Segment 4 (running time 6:34)

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  • Bill - He wants to replace the anode rod in his water heater. He took the top off and all he sees is foam. Should he be worried about damaging it?

Recommendation - He can take a Q-tip or rag and dip it in acetone. Then, wipe it on the foam and it will virtually disappear. 

Recommendation - We've actually field tested this in Tucson and really liked it. He should be good to go! It was the best product out of several we tested and by a longshot!

*Clean off your roof with a Karcher Power Washer first. Prep, prep, prep...

Ten O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 12:05)

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Rosie's #1 problem for Arizona homes.....It's the homes ability to handle moisture!

  • Many homes built after WWII completely ignored proper protection against water damage.
  • Rosie talks about some record rains in AZ over the last few decades. 
  • Ignoring this issue costs big $$$
  • Start with a solid roof and overhangs drain water out away from your foundation.
  • Don't shed it onto your neighbors yard either.
  • If you harvest rain, store it properly to avoid breeding grounds for mosquitoes


  • Jodi - They just remodeled they're bathroom and have been told to seal the travertine tile shower and also not too....what should they do?

Recommendation - We recommend sealing the shower.

  • Pat - He added a porch to his home and now all along the edge that is attached to his parapet wall, its leaking...Can he just paint over the wall to seal the holes in his wall or is there a bigger issue?

Recommendations in the next segment.....

Segment 2 (running time 6:46)

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Recommendations from Pat from last segment - After asking a lot of questions, it sounds like the installation was done correctly.  Rosie thinks it actually is a stucco issue. He needs a painter.

  • Parapet walls are often susceptible to leaks.
  • The parapet wall cap might be damaged too.
  • Many listeners get confused about Rosie's recommendations on elastomeric paint vs. elsatomeric caulking. 

***Elastomeric Paint....NO!

***Elastomeric Caulk.....YES!!!!


  • Scott - The expansion joints around his home are damaged or missing and he wants to know if there is a product he can use to seal them up?

Recommendations in the next segment......

Segment 3 (running time 12:43)

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We're talking about rain...rain harvesting and drainage....Rosie asks listeners if they have dogs who are terrified about lightning during a thunderstorm, what do they do?

(We didn't get back to this on-air, but a caller recommended a "Thunder Shirt")

Back to recommendations for Scott from the last segment - Pick up Elastomeric Caulk at Border Marvel to fill in the cracks. The only time it does not work is when the moisture is coming from under the slab.

Additional Note: Romey talks about a possible solution he saw at the National Hardware Show called Trim-A-Slab.

Back to topic: Rosie discusses rain gutters.  If you hear the show and understand the benefits of rain gutters, call Rosie's friend Tim at JLC Enterprises.

  • If you're considering rain harvesting, keep the water on YOUR property.
  • Rosie loves the Belgards Permeable Paver's you can pick up at Superlite.
  • We share a unique and creative option to fix drainage issues.


  • Vito - He has a crack in his tile in his kitchenette and when it rains, water is seeping inside along the wall.

Recommendation - He needs to dig out the soil around the foundation of the outer wall where the leak is occurring. Clean off the concrete and seal the foundation with ThoroSeal Foundation Coating.

Segment 4 (running time 6:33)

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  • Tina - She had her patio re-roofed and there is a gutter, but it is leaking and her patio is tilted towards her house too. The gutter she has takes water out to the street and will it be okay to add the other gutter or is that too much water for one gutter?

Recommendation - This sounds like the perfect application, especially if the water is tilted towards the house.

Rosie introduces "The Romero Family Ukelele Troubadour" as they close the show with a cover of The Beatles "Norwegian Wood."

Special thanks to Rosie's sisters and brother, Karen, Nita and Renny!

Join Rosie On The House Every Saturday Morning 8 to 11!!!