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7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:17)

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Jim Paxson with the Arizona Game & Fish Department is here for another update!

  • The success of the growing antelope herds in Southern Arizona.
  • The trouble with mesquite trees in Arizona and the trouble with keeping them under control.
  • Update on the Sandhill Cranes in Southern Arizona.
  • Here's a video of the ultralight flyer used to train geese.

Segment 2 (running time 7:34)

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  • Rosie & Jim discuss the Malpai Borderlands Group and what they're up to.
  • Water shortages across the state and crops effected, plus how that plays into a master community being built in Southern Arizona.
  • More on this documentary on training geese.
  • Rosie bird stories from Louisiana that will blow your mind!

Segment 3 (running time 13:54)

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  • Tempe Town Lake was drained and a masonry dam is being installed and Jim updates us on the progress.
  • The letdown of this years El`Nino over the year and how it effects the water supply.
  • Controlling the fire danger in Arizona forests.
  • Sign up for camps this summer as the AZ Game & Fish Department teams up with the Mesquite Wildlife Oasis.

Sign Up For the Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation here!!!

*Thanks to the Best Western PLUS Inn of Sedona & Cerreta Candy Company for making trips special.

Segment 4 (running time 6:56)

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  • More information on camps your kids can attend to learn about nature in Arizona.
  • Pick up Jim's book "The Monster Reared His Ugly Head, the Story of the Rodeo-Chediski Fire"
  • If you ever see wildlife out hiking or in your yard, LEAVE IT ALONE! You are not helping them. You're likely giving them a death sentence.

Thanks as always to Jim for stopping by! He's one of the Rosie teams favorite guests and remember to check the Arizona Game & Fish Departments for upcoming activities.

8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Talking Trees with John Eisenhower

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Segment 1 (running time 13:00)

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Certified Arborist & owner of Integrity Tree Service, John Eisenhower is here to talk trees!

Tree of the Month: John is focusing on "Weeping Trees" like the Weeping Acacia or Lysiloma Tree . John talks about why they're great in Arizona. 

  • Find great desert trees, here. They'll give you the bloom color and cycle, plus the canopy size and how much space the mature trees will need. Make your yard bright all yearround.
  • Water Use It Wisely has a new contest, Drab-to-Fab. Sigg up to win here!


  • Joe - He has an elm tree that has fallen over twice. He was about to take it out, but the leaves are coming back. Should he replant the tree or is it going to come back?

Recommendation - Elms are deciduous, so don't be concerned if the leaves drop over the winter season.  This is a common mistake by homeowner's. Some small signs of life doesn't neccessarily mean it will recover.

  • Mike - He has 2 mature sissou trees in his yard and he removed the trees a couple years ago. He has hundreds of shoots in his yard and went through extensive measures to get rid of it. Listen to how much he did! Now, it's coming back!? He has not had a lawn for over a year now because the shoots are back.

Recommendation - We'll address it in the next segment.

Segment 2 (running time 6:56)

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Recommendations for Mike  - John here's this a lot and even had to go to court to be a witness after sissou trees ruined a neighbor's yard. He talks about all of the work it can take to get rid of it. BEWARE OF SISSOU TREES!!!! They are not a good idea. Here's John's article on Treating Sissou Trees.

*John talks about some of his upcoming classes at the Desert Botanical Gardens.


  • Max - He has a 3 week old Privet Tree that's about 10 feet tall and now the leaves are turning brown and looks like I'm dying. He thinks he might be overwatering. Do we have any ideas?

Recommendation - It sounds like it did get overwatered. The root zone should dry out between waterings and John describes what happens and why that is bad for trees. He can let it dry out and it might recover if it can get more oxygen.

Segment 3 (running time 12:12)

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Romey & John talk about Queen Palms and the pros and cons for them here in Arizona.

  • Life expectancy and size.
  • Why our AZ soils can cause them to struggle and how you can combat the issues.
  • Alternative palm tree options for our area.


  • Bruce - He has a tangelo tree that's about 4 years old and he hasn't had any blooms or fruit in the last 3 seasons. What could be preventing the fruit from blooming.

Recommendation - There are several reasons trees doesn't produce fruit. It could be using the energy to push out more growth and leaves so there is not enough resources to produce the fruit. John talks through all the causes that it could be. He could consult with Greenfield Citrus Nursery or Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company.

Text From Listeners:

  • Does the Desert Gold Peach Tree do well in Arizona and is it too late to plant?

Recommendation - They do great in AZ! And no, it's not too late. Don't plant it in June or July, though.

  • They're looking for a vine to grow on a west facing wall? One that doesn't flower or drop leaves.

Recommendation - No vines will have zero litter, but they'll need a vine that can take full hot summer sun. John likes cat claw, or banks rose. He'd suggest talking to his local nursery for suggestions.


  • Rob - He just had is lot regraded and is an irrigated lot. He's ready to put in trees and wants to know if he should plant them above grade so when he flood irriagates, it won't damage the trees?

Recommendation - Good question! But, he should be fine with the standing water so don't worry about it. We also give him suggestions on trees to put in.

*John talks about the whitefly infestation and what to do to control them before they destroy trees in your yard. 

Segment 4 (running time 6:39)

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  • Gordon - He's looking for a fast growing shrub, hedge or tree that would grow 8 to 10 feet tall and then how far away does he need to plant them from a pvc line and septic system? Plus, they need to be non-poisonus for horses.

Recommendation - With his elevation, citrus hedges might not be a good idea. He could consider an Arizona Rosewood. It has a durable leaf and make a great hedge, but it's a little slow growing.  Stop in at Civano Nursery for suggestions.

  • Brian - He wants to know how to kill off the root system for his cat claw vine?

Recommendation - It's pretty difficult and he'll need to get the root system out too. John walks through the applications and alternative products he can use.

Remember, you can always reach John during the week at Integrity Tree Service!

9:00AM - Housing Topic AC Prep for Summer

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Segment 1 (running time 12:27)

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We're here with Tony, owner of Temperature Control Inc. to talk AC and to get you ready for summer heat!

  • Mistakes made when you try to control your Air Conditioning bills.
  • Choose the right payment plans with utility companies.
  • Learn about "Super Cooling" It works!!! 
  • Air Conditioning Tune-ups and what that includes and why it's important.
  • Ways to test your system yourself.
  • Why it takes an expert to fine tune your system to make sure it's running at full efficiency.
  • SEAR ratings & how they are measured.
  • Common problems with ductwork.

Segment 2 (running time 6:20)

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  • He wants to know why the AC calculations are measure in square footage instead of cubic square feet when ceiling heights vary so much?

Recommendation - It's just the way it's been done and it's a common mistake contractor's make. If the company you are using tries to give you an estimate without a site visit, this is a huge red flag. This does need to be taken into consideration.  This should be part of any qualified bid.

  • Tony has a special for listeners in Southern Arizona.
  • Rebates offered from utility companies out there.
  • The importance of cleaning coils and the proper way to do it.

Segment 3 (running time 12:26)

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  • Dennis - He has 4 windows out of about 20 that are not dual pane windows. Will replacing the 4 single pane windows be cost effective?

Recommendation - Since they do not get direct sunlight, he could pick up a thermal imaging gun to check the surface temperature on the single pane windows compared to the newer windows. Shade screens are a great starting point, but Rosie talks about all the benefits of new window.  It's hard to know if it's cost effetive, but if the surface temp differences are not that great, it may not be the best place to start. He could get a whole house energy audit from REEis Home Performance & Air Conditioning or Green ID.

* What T.E.P. is offering in rebates in Southern Arizona. Tony describes the different options for you. It will save you big $$$, so make sure you take advantage if it's right for you.

  • Brian - He wants a recommendation on a programmable thermostat when he "Super Cooling"

Recommendation - Tony likes any of the wifi thermostats from Lennox because you can control them with an app.

*More on the programs from T.E.P. and a few questions homeowner's should ask. Plus, Tony talks about how he does analysis on a home.  Tony also likes the concept of Western Cooling Control's product.

Segment 4 (running time 6:52)

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  • Tony has a special for Rosie listeners.


  • Sue - She's considering going from a gas furnace to a heat pump. What do we think?

Recommendation - Tony doesn't think it makes sense unless your using solar or propane systems. The air coming out of a heat pump is much cooler than a gas heat system. We talk through all the pros and cons.

  • Brian - His garage was very hot, so he added insulation to the door and had it blown in, but now that we've had a few hot days it's still really hot. He has a few vents near his water heater where it's coming in. Is there anything he can do to plug them?

Recommendation - NO! It's very dangerous to block those vents. We talk about going with an evap cooler or a mini-split system to cool a garage.

If you're in Southern Arizona and want to make sure your AC system is healthy and ready for the summer workload, call Temperature Control Inc.

10:00AM - Housing Topic Home Flipping

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Segment 1 (running time 12:33)

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Back to Home Improvement & Flipped Homes!

  • A story about a former Rosie staff member who flipped homes and lost out, unfortunately.
  • Where the housing market is compared to the highest point in Arizona.
  • How some benefitted from flipping and how it all went wrong.
  • Rosie's Red flags on Flipped Homes, along with a recent horror story.

Segment 2 (running time 6:04)

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  • Susan - She has a flipped home with redwood railings and starting to deteriorate. She wants to use a sealer and wants our recommendation on sealers.

Recommendation - It sounds like a stain sealer and the portions that are grey and cracked used a surface sealer.  Start with sanding or power-washing the whole surface and then let it dry for several days. Rosie likes a produc called woodlife. It needs to be a penetrating oil, not a topical sealer. 

*We love products from PPG Paints.

Facebook Listener:

  • Someone was ready to buy a home and after they had it inspected, the electricity was so bad it was dangerous and didn't buy it. Bad eletrical wiring in homes is a very very common problem.

Segment 3 (running time 12:58)

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  • Judy - She has a commercial modular she is converting into a one room hacienda. She's trying to decide what to replace the siding with? Also, what do we think of metal roofing?

Recommendation - Rosie loves the hardiplank lap siding. It's very durable, paintable and easy to work with. Great for snowy areas too.  Plus, she's right on with the metal roofing. Rosie loves it!

*Rosie knows Judy and he shares a fun story about her and her husband.


  • David - He's debating using a eurythane foam under the roof instead of the regular insulation. What do we think?

Recommendation - After investigating, their is attic space has space and if "cathedral insulation" is correctly installed we love it. He can call Banker Insulation  for help getting it done!

Segment 4 (running time 6:21)

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  • Ken - His front door is sagging and the seals aren't meeting up in the correct place. How do you correct that.

Recommendation - He needs to replace the top screw in the top hinge. Listen as Rosie walks him through the steps to take and he should be able to get it back into aligment.

  • Greg - He's adding water harvestng to his home and wants to put in pavers. Will they be able to hold the weight of the tanks?

Recommendation - Rosie loves the pavers from Belgard, but it has to be installed according to Belgard's standards.  We'll connect him with a Regional Manager to make sure he gets it done correctly.  Pick up Belgard products at Oldcastle Superlite.

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