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Eight O'clock Landscape Hour with John Jay Harper

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Segment 1 (running time 12:02)

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Jay's Landscaping Tip of the Week: The temps are starting to drop and it's monsoon season. That means it's time to adjust the watering schedule.  Don't waste water or your $$$!!

Also In-studio with Dan Lee, founder and inventor of Biofeed Solutions and it's time to fertilize too.


  • Ernie - He needs to replace the metal edging in his yard and wants to know his options.

Recommendation - Jay likes the product. Try Ewing Irrigation or Sprinkler World.  Belgard products from Superlite are a great option too.

Segment 2 (running time 6:46)

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  • Lisa - Her hibiscus plants aren't doing very well. She's been fertilizing and doesn't know what else to try.

Recommendation - It sounds like it's a drainage issue and might be staying too wet. Dan also recommends treating for an over-saturation of salt.

We discuss the soil conditions in Arizona and what it takes to feed plants properly in our unique conditions.

Segment 3 (running time 10:53)

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We discuss lawn maintenance and common mistakes homeowners make when transitioning from Summer Lawns to the Winter Lawn.

  • Thatching in the fall is a no-no.
  • Not Now!!! Wait until mid-October.
  • If you're over-seeding, it's a good idea to fertilize right now.

Dan Lee of Biofeed Solutions shares more about his inventions used for fertilizing. 


  • Dave - He's a lawn care provider who's been using Biofeed Solutions products for years and loves it!!
  • John - Which Biofeed product should he use for palms and citrus plants in his yard?

Recommendation - Go the Biofeed Solutions website or go to a Sprinkler World in town.

  • Shirley - She wants to know what would be the right fertilizer if she's trying to grow a vegetable garden. 

Recommendation - The "multi-grow" product is perfect to avoid multiple applications from different types of fertilizer.

  • Victor - He was told his pool water needed to be replaced and was draining a little bit at a time. He was using the pool water on his plants and he thinks he did some serious damage to his plants.

Segment 4 (running time 7:24)

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Recommendation for Victor - It's not a good idea to use the pool water, but if he's stopped already he should be fine. It could just be superficial. Spread the draining water around so he doesn't saturate the ground too much.

We discuss more about what Biofeed Solutions can do for your yard and where to get their products.


  • Renee - She wanted Jay to discuss more about lawncare that he mentioned earlier in the show. De-thatching and verticutting. 

Recommendation - Jay re-hashes all the details and why he made his recommendations.

Be sure to visit Harper's Nurseries and Landscaping Company!

Nine O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 12:02)

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  • Shelby shares her story and her methods in treating for termites. It's a unique approach and another option available for pest control.
  • She attacks the food source instead of treating the soil. Listen as we discuss how it works. 

Call 5 Star Termite and Pest Control at  520-886-0045!

Segment 2 (running time 6:47)

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  • RJ - He's going to mount a new flat screen tv and wants to know how to do it correctly with his unique situation.

Recommendation - Call Don Stabley with Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists and have him walk through his options.

  • Judy - Her neighbor cleared out a drainage area that was full of rocks and debris. Now, the soil is eroding quickly and ending up on the street. What are her options.

Recommendation - Call Chris at Vicente Landscaping and he can evaluate the conditions and give his recommendations.

  • Roger - He recently bought a cabin with a small area in the basement that he wants to turn into a shop. Do we have any ideas to cover the ceiling?

Recommendation - OSB is fine or he could just go with sheet rock.

Segment 3 (running time 12:38)

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John with The Mighty Electricians was listening and called in to give his recommendations for RJ from the last segment. We cover some common mistakes people make mounting flat screens themselves.


  • Tianna - She's been super-cooling her home and is saving about 25%.  Now, the utility company is raising some of the fees and wants to know if she should have known about that.

Recommendation - At the beginning of the summer, utility companies are allowed to raise the rates and it's fairly standard. Most people don't notice because energy bills jump so much during the summer anyway.

  • Mike - His home's siding is starting to see some wear and tear. Can he just go over the top of the siding with hardy plank?

Recommendation - Make sure that the damaged area isn't saturated with water and hardy plank will work just fine. Superlite has a few different options too!

Sign up for the Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation, here!

Thank you to all the Arizona lodging partners for the Staycation: 


  • Marty - She has Pella Windows & Doors, but did not use a Pella Certified installer.  now the windows are leaking after only 5 years. She does NOT want the same company that installed them coming back out.

Recommendation - Rosie and a Pella representative will come out to look at the issue. It's definitely the installation and we should be able to resolve the leaking issues. 

Segment 4 (running time 6:40)

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Consumer Warning

Phoenix Police Department report on 42 year old Stewart Charles Rooker. He's been signing remodeling contracts, taking deposits and never starts the work.

10 Victims have already lost over $100,000!!

Letter from Listener:
Needed some bathroom work done. The neighbors loved his work, we loved his work, but now they've found out the contractor was not licensed with the R.O.C. They want to sell their home and want to know what their next step should be.

Recommendation - Call the city and you'll have to pay for a courtesy inspection. They'll give you a "conditional permit approval."  But you'll have to disclose that to the seller.

Jennifer and Rosie harvested prickly pear fruit this weekend and used new gloves from HexArmor Gloves and loved them.

Ten O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 11:28)

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In-Studio with Todd Russo of
Reeis Home Performance & Air Conditioning.

We discuss the process of Air Conditioning and the history of the industry.  Become an expert in how it works! 

  • Is your AC over-sized and costing you money?
  • Your homes location and orientation matters.
  • New systems operate at lower capacity. You won't use the same power in July as you would in March because the demands are different. It saves you money.


  • Manny - He hasn't used his AC unit in almost 3 years and wants to know if its safe to fire it up again?
Recommendation - Yearly maintenance is recommended, but if everything was in good shape he should be fine. Call Intelligent Design Air Conditioning & Heating. In Green Valley, call Green Valley Cooling & Heating. In Casa Grande, call Desert Sun Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration.

Segment 2 (running time 7:21)

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Innovations around the World: The crew discusses what the middle east does to cool their homes and it only takes a 1/4 horsepower pump keeps a home cooled to 70 degrees without ducting, etc.

Todd and Rosie talk AC technology that has moved into the mainstream. 


  • Bud - His Air Conditioning unit is freezing up and he's having to turn it off to thaw the unit before turning it back on.

Recommendation - It sounds like an air flow issue and the coils are probably dirty. To thaw the unit really quickly, turn on the heat and it will thaw quickly.  That's just a quick fix and NOT a long term solution. Call Reeis at 480-969-7500!

Segment 3 (running time 12:36)

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Homeowner's can control each room in the house and segment the house. "Home Zoning" has been around for a while, but it's finally efficient and moved into the industry mainstream.


  • Mark -He has a 20 year old AC unit and a service tech told him to go with freon on a new unit outside. Is that right?

Recommendation - It's a split unit and possible to replace just part of the system. Todd recommends replacing the entire unit because he'll still have issues and won't be as efficient as a new system.


  • Stephanie - Her AC is really loud and she's had multiple people tell her it's normal.  Her homes comfort is all over the place too. Cool in one part, hot in another and varies from room to room.

Recommendation - It sounds like an air distribution problem that's causing the varying temps. The noise could be so many different things.......... Todd with Reeis will go out to her home to investigate. 

  • David - When it comes to all the new technology, where are we at with the return on investment? Does it take 3 years or 20?!?  

Recommendation - Todd and Rosie discuss all the different aspects that go into making the decision to upgrade your Air Conditioning.

Segment 4 (running time 6:15)

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...we continue our discussion on the payback questions raised by David from the last segment.

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