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Eight O' Clock Hour John Jay Harper

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Weekly Gardening Tip with Jay Harper from Harper's Nurseries

  • While you're lighting up your outdoors, keep your indoors cool!  Shade Trees can help you save $50 off your annual energy bill.  Click here for more information about the SRP, TEP or APS Shade Tree Program!

Bark up the right tree with this Arbor Day activity!

  • Scottsdale’s Water Conservation Office is giving away free tree seedlings from 8:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 20, at the Old Town Farmer’s Market, Second Street and Brown Avenue.Click here for more information!

Phoenix and Tucson Tree Recommendations: Live oak, Mesquite, Chinese Elm, Palo Verde, Chinese Pistache

NAZ  Recommendations: Willows, Burches, Ash, Spruce, Timeless beauty great for a small yard


  • Matt, what about Fruit Bearing Trees

Recommendations: Citrus, Figs,  Pomegranate

  • Because it's later in the season, what do we suggest

Recommendation: Protect the trunk Go Natural Tree Paint, shredded bark mulch

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  • Sandy, is there a sun cloth that is a frost cloth equivalent

Recommendation: Shade cloth, hold it away from the plant

  • Her lemon Tree is doing poor, but not her neighbors and rabbits are eliminating her sister's plants.

Recommendation:  Blood Meal around Plants, keep away dogs---bone and blood meal for Rabbits, squirrels


  • Joyce, listening from KGVY, was told not to plant Citrus in Green Valley

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  • Joyce, has been advised not to plant Citrus in Green Valley, yet her Citrus' are doing fine

Recommendation: Trust your local nurseries and their advice. Dwarf Citrus , Civano Nursery

  • Brazilian Pepper Tree that was damaged in freeze

Recommendation: Prune and Fertilize


  • Scott, has a Cork Screw Willow that was sick last season and now will not grow

Recommendation: Chemicals from surrounding water may be hurting your growth, move your spot

  • Jim, can he plant Hydrangeas in Arizona

Recommendation: Indoor protected from sun and heat, Amaryllis, Lantana, Pinta

Segment 4 (running time 6:38)

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Letter from Listeners

  • Alexandria, needs a weed killer that works on Rock Landscape

Recommendation: Glyphosate, systemic herbicide, pre-emergent twice a year, Scottsdale Weed Control

  • Is it time to plant Summer Rye
 Recommendation: every week, mow that rye down a bit; May and the temp increases final mow for rye, de-thatch and allow for Bermuda

Arbor Day next Friday!

Nine O' Clock Hour with Rosie and Romey

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  • Irene, her light fixtures outdoors are going out

Recommendation: How old is her system, they may need to be looked out and changed out, excessive voltage

Letters from Listeners

  • Has a home from 1985 and received a notice to insure water main.  Is this legitimate

Welcome New Casa Grande Rosie Certified Partners:

  • John, wrote in to ask about the Crawfish Festival (coming soon)


  • Steve, has residue on his Pavers

Recommendation: Cont. in next segment

Segment 4 (running time 6:11)

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Caller (cont. from last segment)
  • Steve, purchased Pavers and used Polymeric Sand on cracks, now has a residue

Recommendation: It needed to be fully in cracks, then blown off before sealed with water; Grout Release or Cement Release product; then seal

  • Randy, has glass block in front yard sitting area. What type of bulb to light them best

Recommendation: Halogen or LED; Halogen for dimming; LED will last longer and can be dimmed

Rosie Asks: Where can we go to see different lighting schemes? (cont. in next segment)

Ten O' Clock Hour with Rosie and Romey

Broadcasting on KTAR, KAFF, KNST & KGVY



Segment 1 (running time 11:25)

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Roger Ramsey from Ewing Irrigation

Commentary for Randy and his outdoor lighting design
  • Benefits to using a professional landscape lighting designer
  • Color Temperature
  • Proper Bulb Type and Wattage
  • Bill, what do we think of a rebar less pool

Lifeline: Craig Grady from Desert Sun Pools

Recommendation:  Aqua Fiber, Craig likes it and the pressure of it


  • Jack, is LED strong enough to light his art in the backyard (12ft/8 ft)

Recommendation: Yes, Ewing can do it, what's your color temperature

Segment 2 (running time 6:45)

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Elements of Landscape Lighting
  • Layering
  • Lighting should focus on effect not fixture
  • Tall items can be effectively fit

Roger Ramsey from Ewing Recommends:

  • FX Luminaire
  • Vista
  • Phillips Hadco
  • Focus Industries

Segment 3 (running time 12:16)

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  • Marylou, has track lighting in her bathroom that is too bright

Recommendation: install a dimming switch, then you can control light level

Travel Arizona Stay-cation...Register here! From Sanderson Ford, Arizona Highways and Arizona Department of Transportation

Arizona Biltmore: If you book in your Birthday month, you get one day free. BDAY is the code

Congrats to BrozeSmith and The Prescott Art Trust for reaching their goals.  The Gentle Tamer will be cast in Bronze!

Rueben, our last Winner, wants to use his Staycation win on The Train


  • Nick, needs to resurface his asphalt.  What's our recommendation

Recommendation: Rosie will do research and get back to Nick.  Rosie likes Belgard interlocking Pavers

Landscape Sound Systems from Ewing: Sonoscape

Segment 4 (running time 6:44)

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Final comments Landscape Lighting from Roger Ramsey from Ewing Irrigation
  • Art, Nature and Use of Space
  • Start Small
  • levels low
  • selective color temperature and higher levels
  • Layering Sound

Rosie Certified Landscapers for Landscape Lighting: Vicente in Northern Arizona, CYC and Think Green in Phoenix