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Eight O'Clock Hour with John Jay Harper

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Weekly Gardening Tip with John Jay Harper of Harper's Nurseries
  • Save water with mulching! Mulching is a great way to “insulate” your plants from the effects of the heat. Mulch also cuts down on weeds and helps conserve water!  Help your plants by mulching today!


  • Get rid of Debris


  • Diane, Can she trust the 'water meter' as an accurate gauge?  Her Peach Tree leaves are yellow

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Caller (cont. from last segment)
  • Diane, her yellowing Peach Tree
Recommendation: possibly sunburn, fertilize, hard to over-water in a raised bed, Ferti-lome Start and Grow
  • Audrey, has blossom end rot on her Tomato plant

Recommendation: Yield Booster from Ferti-lome; water regularly, Gypsum

  • Adam, is her watering his raised beds correctly

Recommendation: Add more dripper hose to cover more area

Segment 3 (running time 12:26)

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  • Marilyn,  needs to get rid of feral cat waste by her Pine Trees

Recommendation: Cat Stop Cat Deterrent from Con-tech

  • Pete, needs to buy small Pine Trees.  Why can he no longer find them

Recommendation: start new trees for your

  • Nothing has flowered on his tree

Recommendation: Elgin Nursery or your local nursery for a new tree

  • George, has a Cucumber Vine that's wilting.  Will it make it through the summer

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  • August, new growth on Sycamore is drying out

Recommendation: Our climate and soil conditions are not great for Sycamores, they need a lot of water, Sisu Tree is a nice alternative

  • Mulching will help your soil stay cool and conserve water

Nine O'Clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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  • Mark,our thoughts on aluminum windows.  Do we need triple pane in AZ

Recommendation: Wood with Aluminum on the outside, dual pane, Pella Windows

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Forms of Water Treatment:
  • Leave water on counter
  • Carbonated Charcoal Filter
  • RO System

When you are gone for long periods of time, dump the tank and refill before drinking again.


  • Dan, gets flakes in his ice from the lining

Recommendation: His hard water is going through his refrigerator and creating calcium buildup; RO System will extend the life of ice makes

Don Stabley from Stabley Home Entertainment Specialists

  • 4k Television

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Salt Free Water Treatment Systems


  • Manny, locking ring will not hold his disposal.  Does he get the part or replace the system

Recommendation: San Plumbing Supply

Digital Newsroom:

  • Nancy, can we water indoor plants with softened water

Recommendation: Outdoors can be okay, it can be too salty for indoor plants

  • Glen, his new home does not have room for a water softener

Recommendation: Install the system outdoors; shaded

  • Keith, does he need to maintain his water heater with a water softener

Recommendation: hard water is better for anode in water heater; special rods for soft water

  • Nancy, she needs someone to garden for her because she cannot bend down

Recommendation: Flower Street Urban Gardens

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How much salt in softened water


  • Bruce, does an RO System increase acidity
Recommendation: Yes

Ten O'Clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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  • What is the life expectancy of a Water Softening System.  Does he replace a part or the whole system

Recommendation: 5-10 years

  • There is a solid salt clump in Water Treatment System.  Is it still doing its job

Segment 2 (running time 5:36)

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  • Ann, can she use Hydrogen Peroxide to get the smell from her toilet

Recommendation: May be bacteria in her bowl, 1/2 Clorox in Water Softening System as it regenerates

Segment 3 (running time 11:45)

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Casa Grande Connection:

Green Valley Heating and Cooling

New Partners to the Network:


  • Richard, does not have a Water Treatment System.  With a drop ceiling , can he get to the refrigerator for ice

Recommendation: Yes, make sure to remove the carbon filter

  • Dwayne, how long can you collect water in a rain water capture system.  Plastic or Steel

Recommendation: Keep rain water from light to prevent algae; Southern Arizona Rain Gutters

Segment 4 (running time 6:36)

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Cooper's BBQ

Water Treatment Experts in Phoenix, Tucson and Northern Arizona

  • Charles, wants a whole house treatment system. 
Recommendation: Regeneration does use more water; there are systems that use less