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Eight O'clock Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 11:49)

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Joined In-Studio by John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service!!! also with John, Dr. Ed Mulrean with Arid Zone Trees.

Tip of the Week: We talk pruning and our tree of the week is the Honey Mesquite.

  • We share why the guys are big fans of our tree of the week.
  • We set the record straight on whether or not the Mesquite Tree is native to Arizona. 
  • There are 4 Primary Mesquite trees, but there are also several variations.
  • Deciduous....semi deciduous. We sort it out....


  • Brad - His desert museum palo verde tree is in a pot and wants to put it in the ground, but wants to make sure the root system doesn't invade his piping, causing damage.

Recommendation - Palo Verde's are not that invasive, but think about installing a 'root barrier' to prevent the roots from ever getting there.

Segment 2 (running time 6:47)

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Quick tip: Now is not a great time to prune! Go lightly on the pruning, so it's protected during the winter. (No "recreational pruning")   With the long monsoon season there is a lot of extra growth out there, so a very light second pruning might be okay.

John explains "Benign Neglect" and what it means to tree care.

Bottom Line when pruning.....Be very very careful!


  • Jenny - She just moved into a new home and wants some recommendations on trees that will grow fairly rapidly to fill in and also wants tips on trimming her mulberry tree.

Recommendation -  Visit John's site, here!  He has all kinds of tips for both of her questions.

Segment 3 (running time 12:00)

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We continue our conversation on pruning:

  • NO "Recreational Pruning!"
  • Less is almost always more.


  • Greg - He has 4 large olive trees in a new home he purchased. He likes them, but the suckers are shooting up everywhere.

Recommendation - You can treat them chemically, but it should be done professionally. Stay ahead of them and pick them off when they're very little. Try Scottsdale Weed Control for tips.

  • Scott - His mature mesquite tree has split right down the middle and he heard it can be repaired. Is it possible to save it?

Recommendation - Yes! Bracing is used.....Drill through the trunk and bolt it together so it grows back together. Doing it sooner rather than later is better too.

  • Hal - He has lemon trees that are dropping pods and he doesn't know what they are....

Recommendation - The guys finally get "stumped."  Take pictures and send them in so we can figure it out!

  • Kristina - She has a pomegranite tree and the seeds seem to vary and wants to know how to care for it so she can harvest the fruit.

Recommendation - Seed color varies, so just make sure it's getting watered and fertilized properly. Make sure to wait for the fruit to mature.

  • Scott - He has a few fruit trees and the leaves are turning yellow and not doing very well. What should he do to get them on track....

We give recommendations in the next break....

Segment 4 (running time 6:41)

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Recommendations for Scott - Treating the soil is very key to success. Our rocky soils and drainage issues are usually the main factors in fruit trees suffering here.


  • Dick -He has a very successful orange tree, but he wants to know what to do about all the shutes growing out.

Recommendation - Its usually a good sign your tree is healthy, but it's not a major factor to be concerned about it. He should be just fine, but if he wants to prune, be very careful and go very lightly. Leaves insulate the fruit and plant!

*John shares tips on preventing damage to your trees with a weed whacker!

Have a tree question.?.? Contact John at Integrity Tree Service at 602-788-0005!

Nine O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 11:27)

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Joined In-Studio by Julie Murphee with the Arizona Farm Bureau.

From North to South and East to West in Arizona, we've got you covered and we talk about all the events acroos the state.


  • Thelma - Her fountain is leaking and she doesn't know what to do. Any ideas?

Recommendation - Visit Border Marvel and pick up Thoroseal.  This is a common problem and this product will solve her problem.

Segment 2 (running time 7:21)

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  • Rocky - He has a leaky window in his Arizona Room and he wants tips on how to find it and stop any further damage.

Recommendation - Seal it up with caulking around his block opening. Also, add Okon product around the window from Marvel or Blue Star Masonry.

Romey and Julie from the Arizona Farm Bureau share more information on farms around the state to travel to this fall. Take in our beautiful state!

**Rosie talks about how much he loves pumpkin....or not!

Visit these Arizona Farms:

Segment 3 (running time 12:23)

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We continure our conversation on pumpkins....and share more ideas on events to attend across Arizona!

Try the Pioneer Living Museum or Apple Annie's!

Rosie talks about an amazing meal he had in Tucson at Mr An's & how much he loves the Old Town Big House Cafe.

Visit these places on a Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation, win by signing up here!

Thanks to our Staycation partners:


  • Frank - He wants a sealer for his flagstone that will darken up the stone and protect it. He's not into the wet look, though.

Recommendation - This much flagstone needs to be treated several times. It's not just a one-time deal. (Possibly, every 6 months) Call CYC Landscaping.

Segment 4 (running time 6:46)

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We continue with Julie Murphee with the Arizona Farm Bureau and try to make you hungry!


  • Patrick - He has a water feature in the shape of a cross and now it's leaking. How can he fix the leak that has just started?

Recommendation - Rosie is heading to Tucson and is going to stop by Patrick's home to see if he can give some recommendation.

Ten O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 12:05)

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We're with Dale Wade of PPG Pittsburgh Paints talking painting!

Painting a wall on the inside is completely different from painting the outside of your home:

  • Prep time is a lot more involved.
  • Walk around your home to see how much damage and work it will take to correctly paint your home. 
  • Secret to a paintable service - It needs to be clean, dry and dull (No glossy surfaces

**The guys talk through painting the different surfaces.......Stucco, parapet walls and the correct applications for elastomeric paint.

"V-out" damaged surfaces to give a good area for caulking and paint to stick too. 

Segment 2 (running time 6:43)

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Rosie & Dale talk about the purchase of Glidden by PPG and click here for a coupon or call 480-784-4000 to find the nearest show!

Take advantage of Rosie's price. Click here!

We continue our convrsation on prepping your home's surface before painting.

  • Fix cracks in the exterior.
  • Purchase the right caulking for your situation.
  • Innovations in caulking make it easier and it looks better too.

Segment 3 (running time 12:59)

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  • Joe in Flagstaff - He wants to know how the prep work for painting changes with the elevation change. He also wants tips on UV protection.

Recommendation - Altitude isn't a concern, but weather differences requires more work. Prime! Wood needs extra work in colder, variable weather. For UV protection, some paints have additives to help protect. Cheap paint won't have any of these qualities. Save money on'll end up painting sooner and more often. It makes NO SENSE!

  • Paint with Primer included....don't do it! It's a gimmick. Each layer of paint has a job to do.
  • Need help with color recommendations....go to PPG's Voice of Color and find a match!

Rosie shares a story about Cooper Painting and how he's happy with a new product the guys love.


  • Cindy - She's renting a home and noticing holes about the size of a quarter popping up around her home and she doesn't know what they are..

Recommendation - It sounds like a wood pecker....saturate the holes with Tabasco sauce to scare them off. Seal the holes with a stucco patch, not caulking because these holes are too big to just simply fill it.

Segment 4 (running time 6:50)

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.......we continue discussing the damage to Cindy's home and what she can do to fix all the damage to the exterior of her home before painting.

Major Changes to the PPG brand and we share all of it....

Take advantage of major savings for our Rosie listener's.  $30.00 off Plus ask for the "Rosie Price" at the store.  You'll be glad you did.... Just Click Here!  Thanks to Dale Wade for Joining us!

Join Rosie On The House every Saturday Morning 8 to11!!!