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Painting Apps (running time 7-11AM)

7am wakeup 2

Weekend Wake-Up Hour by Sanderson Ford

Be prepared for an educational morning!

ASU Kyl Center for Water Policy

We will chat with Sarah Porter, Director of The Kyl Center For Water Policy at the Morrison Institute For Public Policy, ASU.

Article: Pinal farmers would have to fallow half their lands under tentative drought-plan figures

az Farm Bureau logoAs well as Stephanie Smallhouse, President Of The Arizona Farm Bureau. Tune-in and learn the history of water and future water rights pertaining to agriculture and urban growth!    

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Outdoor Living Hour - Urban Farming with Greg Peterson

Urban Farm LogoGreg Peterson with Urban Farm joins us to discuss having your own #BackyardOrchard! Tune-in and discover the dos and don'ts of fruit orchard farming.


9am DIYhour 2

Homeowner Topic: Open Lines 

ABC Glass Replacement Phoenix

The lines, email and text are open for your DIY questions! 

Learn from the experts at ABC Glass Co.!

Weekly To-Do: Can Someone Fix My Window?


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Homeowner Topic: Apps For Paint Colors 

Picking paint colors for your home is not an easy task. Thankfully, we live in the age of technology and have phone apps that can help us out! Learn more about different apps from Sherwin-Williams, Dunn-Edwards, and PPG. Discover how these apps work and if they will really help you select paint colors.

Weekly Blog Article

7:00AM - The Arizona Hour



Segment 1 (running time )

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Discussion about water policy and supply in Arizona with Sarah Porter, Director Kyl Center For Water Policy & Morrison Institute For Public Policy/ASU.  Plus Stephanie Smallhouse, President of The Arizona Farm Bureau.

Their role is to provide info, policies and historical facts to tackle water challenges today and in the future.

Arizona Farm Bureau planning steps in possible water reductions.

Discussion of water agreements and discussions if Lake Mead falls below a Tier 1 level.  Agriculture would be affected, especially in Pinal County farming.

History of the Central Arizona Project and its function.  First water delivery in 1985.

Segment 2 (running time )

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Since the mid 1950 as population grew, Arizona is using less water.  Find more information at Arizona Water

Arizona leads the nation in water supply management.

Efficencies in appliances, landscaping and agriculture helped in reducing water use.

As houses go up, farmland is lost, less food can be grown.  How much more can farming conserve using less water and less land to meet demands of a growing population.

Segment 3 (running time )

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Discussion about looking for possible other sources for water. 

William Shatner had a plan for California that backfired.

Desalination is a costly venture and needs a customer base willing to pay for it.

Discussion of a source with brackish ground water.

Challenges will present themselves for retaining farm land and future technologies for water sources.  

Arizona has the climate to grow almost anything year round.  It can be a big producer of food in the future that makes agriculture viable.

Segment 4 (running time )

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Register for the next Arizona Staycation.

Things you use and consume everyday start with valuable resources.  Balancing water and agriculture is important as time goes on.

Planning ahead if water cuts happen on the CAP and solutions. 

Water's primary use is for hydration, sanitation and agriculture.

The largest irrigated crop in the country?

Outside use of water versus inside use of water.  Inside use can be reused.


Arizona Municipal Water Users Association

8:00AM - Outdoor Living Hour/Urban Farm With Farmer Greg



Segment 1 (running time )

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Urban Farm's Farmer Greg talks about growing an Urban Orchard!

Recap of The Great American Seed Up!

Farmer Greg describes his third of an acre fruit trees.  Varieties of citrus, apples, peaches, apricots, plums, figs and pomegranats.

Experimenting with a fruit tree, there's a big cost involving planting, fertilizing and time.

Planting decideuous trees in January.

Some success with papayas and mangos.  Avacados don't work.

Segment 2 (running time )

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Using fruit trees around the orchard for privacy hedges and fencing.

Keeping fruit tree small.  Greg explains.

Selecting different variety types of fruit for consecutive harvesting.  Different fruits ripening over time in succession so they all don't ripen at once.

Consider chill hours, root stocks and ripening hours before planting your trees.

Segment 3 (running time )

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If a tag on a tree doesn't have the fruit variety and chill hours, don't buy it!

Dwarf root stocks don't work in our soils.

Ripening times.  If you're planting soft flesh fruit tree, plant a variety that ripens and off the tree by July 10th.

Root stock and chill hours tags should be separate.

Don't plant trees around gravel.  A 6 foot diamater, 6 inches deep for healthy soil and woody mulch.  Don't overwater.  Get a moisture meter to monitor watering.   Don't plant on lawns.

Segment 4 (running time )

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Pre-digging your hole.  Then put in healthy soil.  Greg describes the soil mix.

Growing jujubees and other varieties of berries.

9:00AM - Open Lines



Segment 1 (running time )

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Rosie On The is the best referral network for contracting and maintenance services in the state!   With trusted companies certified by Rosie.  And real complaint resolution.

CALLER:  Has 2 A/C units installed in 1999.  Told they were horizontal units installed vertically.   Has had a big problem with condensate leaking from the beginning.  Looking for solution.

Segment 2 (running time )

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TEXTER has a tall palo verde tree that shades a second story.  Damaged by monsoon but still standing.  Had a pruning question.

CALLER:  Replacing old window screens and looking at installing security screens like Crime Guard versus the wrought iron security.

Segment 3 (running time )

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Dennis Rusk of ABC Glass & Screen Company talks glass repairs and the services they provide.

Difference between tempered (safety glass) and untempered glass.

Services include:  Residential Glass, Shower Doors, Window Repair & Replacement Screen Repair, ReplacementTabletops, Wardrobe Doors, Commercial Glass Storefront Windows, Glass Shelves, MirrorsPattern, Obscure & Tinted Glass and A GLASS CUTTER ONSITE!

Segment 4 (running time )

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CALLER:  When the kitchen hot water faucet is turned on, pipes rattle and water comes out fast and slow.  Is it the faucet or plumbing?

Rosie has some favorable comments about Delta Faucets.

CALLER:  Has a sunken living room they want to bring to floor level.  Wants to know how to get it done and cost.

10:00AM - Painting Apps



Segment 1 (running time )

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Don Brees of Rosie Remodeling talks about the many painting tools available,  They're always seems to be new innovations every year.  Some good, some bad.

Discussion on types of painter's tape.  Tapes with soft releases, more adhesive and moisture activated adhesive.  

Using water levels and lazer levels to establish a straight line.

The purpose of various tape widths.  

Use of masking tape and paper.

How much time is spent preping your painting project versus actually painting.

Segment 2 (running time )

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Discussion of paint can spouts and lids.

Paint can buckets/cups with magnets to hold the paint brush.

Plastic disposable liners for paint trays and smaller containers.  Easy, neat cleanup.

Sponge tools for 90 degree corners.

What tools does Don have at all times for a paint project.

Segment 3 (running time )

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Jen and Lance from Rosie On The House tested 3 painting apps.

Sherwin Williams Color Snap, Dunn Edwards and PPG Nix Sensor App.  (Android apps)

Lance describes and tested Sherwin Williams.  Using a picture of a room or particular color, you can find a match of the color with their wheel.

Jen describes and tested Dunn Edwards.  Upload a photo of a bush, flower or Sedona red rocks and it determines what color it is from their color wheel.

PPG requires an outside piece of hardware called a Nix Sensor

Jen and Lance give their results.

Segment 4 (running time )

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A general discussion about apps managing home maintenance, your life, motivation.