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11/6/21 (running time 8-11AM)

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Outdoor Living Hour - Farm Fresh with Arizona Farm Bureau

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Join us this Saturday! We'll be talking about #ArizonaWine with Julie Murphree of the AZ Farm Bureau and special guest Emil Molin of Cove Mesa.

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On The House Hour: Preventing Moisture Is Key To Maintaining Vinyl Flooring

Bram Flooring LogoVinyl flooring plank continues to be a popular flooring choice. According to Mitch Taylor owner of Bram Flooring, it's been trending for the past eight years. Now the system is seeing moisture failures requiring repairs that are catching contractors by surprise. Not all vinyl flooring that was installed in the past eight years is failing. Taylor noted that his company has only had to fix one of their original installations, which the manufacturer is funding. However, the industry has learned some things about how the flooring should be applied as a result...


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Homeowner Topic: Open Home Hour!

Weekly To-Do Topic: #PaintCondition - READ MORE>> | Join us this Saturday; we'll be talking about the paint on your walls! Perhaps it's time for a paint update after all this time. Let's get those walls fixed up!  

Reviving & Repairing Interior Paint #PaintCondition - READ MORE>>

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8:00AM - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! Arizona Wine And Beer With The Arizona Farm Bureau!



Segment 1 (running time 12:18)

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Emil Molin of Cove Mesa Vineyards joins Julie Murphree of The Arizona Farm Bureau to discuss Arizona Wine!

A former lawyer, Emil discusses how he started Cove Mesa (June 2020) after attending and graduating from The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College.  

Explains his unique wines with a mix of grapes from various varietals.  Opens the 'Picpoul Blanc' with grapes grown in Willcox.   Also explains what make this a good breakfast wine!

Segment 2 (running time 6:30)

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Key takeaways on what Emil learned from the Southwest Wine Center.   And what makes the education experience very unique.

Why Emil became involved as a member of The Arizona Farm Bureau.

Segment 3 (running time 14:10)

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Where to find Cove Mesa wines.

Brian McKean of Old Ellsworth Brewery/Queen Creek discusses his involvement in brewing the Arizona Farm Bureau's 100th Anniversary Centennial beer called 'Cien' and where to find it.  (An Arizona steam ale made with Arizona ingredients).  Plus Brian talks about how he started his brewery.

Brewing, like wine making, is 10% brewing 90% cleaning/sanitizing.  Plus some of the local farmers Brian uses for ingredients in their beer.

Emil describes another wine they produce:  Malvasia Bianca.  What makes it unique.

Segment 4 (running time 6:07)

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Brian get kudos for producing a great larger beer.  A visit to Old Ellsworth Brewery for other beers not distributed, only available at the brewery in Queen Creek.

Emil explains the complexities of a blend and uses the Arizona Farm Bureau's 'Centennial Red' wine as an example.

The many advantages for the general public to become an Arizona Farm Bureau member for $60/year.

9:00AM - ON THE HOUSE HOUR! Preventing Moisture Is Key To Long Lasting Vinyl Flooring!



Segment 1 (running time 12:02)

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JJ Scott, Aaron Taylor and Mitch Taylor of Bram Flooring discussing vinyl plank flooring.  How its trending more than carpet and tile.  Carpet sales down, vinyl plank up!

Composition of the vinyl planks.  Wood based or core based, not sheet based.  

Discussion of the history of vinyl.  Fixing problems that developed and the evolution of how far the product has advanced.  Including moisture issues.

Segment 2 (running time 6:45)

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Discussion of the quality of vinyl plank.  The thickness, finish, substrait, the floor treatment/preparation for installing vinyl planks.  The padding?

The slab requirements.  Any pooling or cracks must be addressed.

How about post tension slabs.  Careful for moisture testing.  Rosie explains the issue of subsurface moisture and the problems it can cause.

Segment 3 (running time 13:43)

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Bit of history of red concrete floors to carpet to hard surface floors like tile.

Quality and price per square foot discussion.  The complete picture from thickness, construction of the planks to depth of finishing and substrait backing.

Is click down flooring a DIY project?  It can be but requires some layout planning.  Baseboard installation.  Door threshhold tips to avoid tripping hazard.  Proper leveling.

Segment 4 (running time 6:34)

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Mitch's son Aaron Taylor talks about his graduation into the flooring installation trade with his Dad and connection to the skilled labor shortage.  Notes steady income, working with little to no debt.

Discussion of a good entry level into wood planks.  Mohawk's RevWood flooring and the two advantages worth noting!

10:00AM - OPEN HOME HOUR! Preparation For Painting Interior Walls And Homeowner Questions!



Segment 1 (running time 13:00)

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Rosie talks about the trip to Green Valley for the 'Boomer Fair'.  And how we're doing our best to bridge the gap finding more partners in Pima County.

CALLER:  Has a quartz countertop.  They accidently placed a hot pot on the seam.  It bowed up and caused a crack on the surface.  Can it be repaired and who could do the repair?

Followup on elastomeric paint and why we suggest you should use 100% acrylic paint on your home.

Segment 2 (running time 5:48)

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CALLER:  For the first time in 40 years, the homeowner found some fine sand in the toilet tank.  Any thoughts on the source of the sand? 

Segment 3 (running time 14:16)

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Sanderson Ford

CALLER:  Has a ridge vent on the roof to ventilate the attic.  It backdrafts dust and leaves into the attic.  Any solution to keep it from happening?

Weekly To Do/Tips on Paint Condition!  Preparing the interior walls for painting.  Including handling stains, filling nail holes, torn drywall paper and using trisodium phosphate to wash and clean walls.

CALLER:  Got 3 quotes from Rosie Certified Roofers on a new roof.  But got different opinions on where to place ridge vents and whirly birds for ventilation.  Looking for guidance.

Segment 4 (running time 6:01)

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Romey explains a painting tip he's done to get those crisp, sharp edges using painter tape.

Most Asked Question This Week:  How do I know I have a legit contractor?  With some thoughts on tasks to do before a project begins.