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5/15/21 (running time 8-11AM)

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Outdoor Living Hour - Notes from the Nursery

Rosie on the House Nursery Notes

Notes From the Nursery with Jay Harper! Looking to transition your lawn into summer? Jay has the methods to get it started including proper irrigation management. Summer flowers, melons, nightshade vegetables, plus plants that attract pollinators. #SummerLawnCare

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On The House Topic: Proper Thermostat Placement Is Key To Accurate Readings

Green ID logoGetting an accurate temperature reading is critical to keeping your home at the comfort level you desire. The placement of the thermostat determines how accurate that reading is. Your home's thermostat is the headquarters for maintaining comfortable room temperatures. The thermostat records the temperature of your home, particularly the room in which it is placed, and uses that information to determine whether the heating and cooling system needs to kick on. Follow these rules provided by Rosie on the House Certified Partner, Green ID, and avoid inaccurate temperature readings...

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Homeowner Topic: Open Home! 

Chat with Rosie & Romey! Got a Question? Call in!


Weekly To-Do Topic: #PurposefulEnergySpending | Tune-In! We'll help you understand the SEER Rating of your air conditioner with TRANE Comfort Specialists Jeff Carmichael of REEis Air Conditioning a Rosie On The House Certified Partner.

8:00AM - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! Gardening With Jay Harper!



Segment 1 (running time )

May is the time to start transitioning to summer lawns (bermuda grass).

Mowing shorter, cutting back on watering winter grass (rye).  Begin dethatching and aerating the lawn.  Marking your sprinkler heads to keep from damaging them.  

Benefits of dethatching.  Careful not to churn up dirt.  Advantages of an aerating machine to make holes for air space, root growth and nutrients.

Segment 2 (running time )

Discussion of the time frame for bermuda grass to come up.  And the downside of leaving the rye grass in place while getting the bermuda to grow.

Jay's reasons for not going with a summer lawn.  An option for artificial grass.

Segment 3 (running time )

Transition time for gardens.  The number one thing is to adjust your irrigation system for summer and responsible conservation of water.   Examine every sprinkler head and drip emitters for leaks.  

Transition time for planting summer flowers, vegetables and melons.

Discussion of nightshade plants like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and others.  'Technically' they are listed as containing harmful substances.  But.....

Using melon vines as ground cover to cool the soil.

Segment 4 (running time )

Discussion of plants that attract pollinators like bees.  Very important to gardens, flowers and best to leave them alone.

Discussion of annuals (flowers) and perennials.  Most annuals grow during one long season then die off.  But that season varies in different parts of the country.

9:00AM - ON THE HOUSE HOUR! Proper Thermostat Placement In Your Home!



Segment 1 (running time )

David Byrne of Green ID discusses your air conditioner thermostats!

First a basic understanding of your system.  What is a return and why its the easiest maintenance to extend the life of your unit.  What is your supply (or register)?   The function of the condenser and evaporator.

David explains the placement of the thermostat is important to detect the exact temperature you desire for comfort.

Explains The Approach Method to check unit performance.  A 15-20 degree split between the air in and out.

Segment 2 (running time )

David's Rules Of Where Not To Place The Thermostat:

Don't place near beams of sunlight. 

Don't place inside an exterior wall.  Example a garage wall.  

Don't place under or in the flow of a supply register.

Segment 3 (running time )

Don't place the thermostat in the hallway.  It should be in the living area where you spend the most time.

Don't place in the kitchen where heat and humidity can affect temperature detection.

Don't place near a window or door exterior.

When moving a thermostat, a discussion of the wire and how to thread it to the new spot.

Why the height of the thermostat from the floor matters and what that length should be.

Segment 4 (running time )

A home energy audit is the best money you can spend to spot efficiency and comfort issues.  A combination of science and conservation.  Each audit is taylored to a home based on how it uses energy.

The low audit cost (mostly $99) helps utilities companies meet demand and avoid building an additional power generation station.

10:00AM - OPEN HOME HOUR! What Is A SEER Rating? Listener Questions Too!



Segment 1 (running time )

Rosie tells the story of ordering a dresser drawer and having to assemble it.

CALLER:  Home built in 1982, 1400 square feet, block stucco facing east/west.  Home energy audit showed leaks in the metal air ducts.  Looking at replacing with insulated flex hose.

Segment 2 (running time )

CALLER:  Has a masonry home with a smooth stucco surface.  Wants to know the difference between using ceramic paint and regular paint for the stucco.  (Rosie has some thoughts on that)

Segment 3 (running time )

Sanderson Ford

Weekly To Do on Purposeful Energy Spending.  Helping you understand what the SEER Rating means on an air conditioning unit.  Jeff Carmichael of REEis Air Conditioning speaking on behalf of Trane explains the rating number and how to choose the right unit with the right SEER for your home.  

CALLER:  Wants to turn his garage into a workshop.  Only has 3 outlets and woefully lacking in electric power.  What are his options to get more power in the garage?

Segment 4 (running time )

SAHBA Home Show is BACK!  May 21st-23 at the Tucson Convention Center!

CALLER:  How to get rid of ducks flying into their pool?

Fire danger is very high.  Be dilligent and don't do anything that can start a fire.  And leave baby wildlife alone!