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Eight O'clock Landscape Hour with John Eisenhower

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We are joined by Certified Arborist John Eisenhower and his operations manager, Steven Price with Integrity Tree Service.

Tip of the Week:  Romey and the crew discusses pruning. Deciduous trees can be pruned through November and December, but most trees should NOT be aggressively pruning. Be conservative so the foliage can protect the plant during the cooler months.

**John's a fan of keeping the foliage on the ground around your tree, instead of raking up the leaves. The soil benefits from the breakdown of the tree litter.

Hint: Clean them up and start a compost pile!

We discuss the best ingredients for compost and how to use it to befefit your landscape.

  • A proper compost pile won't attract bugs & won't be stinky!
  • Start small and perfect it!

Tree of the Month: Steve shares his favorite Eucalyptus Tree, the "Ghost Gum"!

Segment 2 (running time 6:32)

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  • Robin - She planted a desert willow tree and after the hard rains during the last monsoon season a large branch broke off and she's wondering why that would have happened.

Recommendation - John doesn't think the rain caused the damage and if the rest of the tree is fine, simply remove the broken trunk and it should get back to growing.

  • Brian - He just bought a house and one of the trees in the yard died. He kicked the stump and it was hollow underneath it. Should he replant or move it?  (His neighbor's think the last owner might have killed it on purpose)

Recommendation - It should be fine to plant in the same place, just verify that the soil conditions are fine.  Click here for John's recommendations.

Segment 3 (running time 12:56)

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The crew moves on to talk fertilizing...Fall is the perfect time!

  • Roots are very active in the winter and that means a great spring as it takes on the nutrients during the cooler months.
  • Most trees take on the same fertilizer's and studies show trees that are treated are consistently healthier. Get to work!


  • John - He has a string accacia and it's giving off pods this year and is growing faster than he anticipated. Would it hurt the tree to cut it back some right now?

Recommendation - Cutting back the shoots might backfire and send out more growth. It creates a "witches broom" look.  Calling and arborist would help him out. Cutting back the water would slow down the growth too.

  • Gordon - He has 6 pistacho trees, 30 feet apart. Some are healthy, some are not...what is he doing wrong?

Recommendaton - Even if the trees are planted at the same time and in the same manner, genetics can affect the growth and soil conditions can create problems too.

(One common problem is planting the tree to deep and burying the tree trunk. This suffocates the tree and no tree trunks should be covered up. Digging back the soil to the proper level often jump starts a trees growth)

  • Elaine - Her son bought property with several pecan trees and she wants to know how to care for them and when to harvest the pecans?

Recommendation - Prune them every other year and don't let others come in and get too aggressive. The best time to prune is December/January. (They are deciduous and as we mentioned at the top of the hour, winter is when to prune)

Segment 4 (running time 6:22)

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Letter from a Listeners:

  • Karen - She's looking for a tree recommendation for privacy. 

Recommendation - John recommends going to a local  nursery in his area that has similar elevation.  Romey suggests going to Plant Fair Nursery in Payson and shares a few tips on trees he likes.


  • Doug - He has a few citrus trees that have a lot of dead wood in the trees and his grapefruit is producing fruit on branches laying on the ground.

Recommendation - Pruning the branches on the ground is a good idea. (About a foot) Roof rats can crawl right in that way. Eww!!  Pruning the interior of a citrus tree is fine, just be careful!

**Steven shares why his favorite tree is the Ghost Gum and a few tips on where to plant it.

If you have quesions on tree care, Call John or Steven at Integrity Tree Service!

Nine O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Jennifer shares details on the upcoming Arcadia Edilbe Garden Tour!  Find tickets, here!

**Check out Jennifer's friend Jill's site, Sweet Life Garden. She's part of the tour!

(This tour is a great way to come up with ideas for your yard)

Rosie talks about this week's Arizona Republic article on electrical innovaions.

  • New Outlets with built in USB chargers.
  • GFCI's with built in night lights.

We'll have electricians in studio next week. So buy your new gadgets this week,  and we'll walk you through how to install the new gadgets.


  • Heidi - The stucco around her home is cracking. She's had it repaired several times, but it keeps happening and wants to know what to do to fix it for good!

Recommendation - Water is getting behind the stem wall somehow.  Powerwash all the peeling stucco and paint, then treat the cement with THOROSEAL and then paint over it again. If she'd like it done for her, call Dave's Adobe Painting.

Digital Newsroom:

  • Karen - Her plumber was out treating her water heater and recommended buying a brand new unit. There are new regulations coming and he thinks she should just buy it now to comply with the new standards.

Recommendation - We talked to our cerfitied plumbers and although new regulations are coming, about half of the exisitng water heaters already meet these starndards.

  • Jennifer - She wants to build and has no idea where to get a construction loan?

Recommendation - Call Harold at the Galaxy Lending Group!

  • Stephanie - She's sick of getting flooded! Is there a place to buy sandbags in Arizona?

Reccomendation - Yes! Visit the Arizona Bag Company.

Segment 2 (running time 5:49)

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Romey interviews JoAnn Toms with Water Use it Wisely and she shares what they are up to!

*Have kids?.?.? Click here to enter a contest to win a trip to Disneyland!  Contest ends November 30th, so get busy!!!

Rosie shares a fun story about meeting one of his longtime friends several years ago....Chip with Freelite!

Segment 3 (running time 11:31)

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  • Sue - She's taking bids for a whole house water softener system and she can't get a consistent answer on whether or not salt should be used?

Recommendation - If you want soft water, it will take salt (even in small amounts) Salt-less treatment is a gimmick. In Tucson, call Al at Culligan Water.

  • Jacob - He bought a 90 year old home and the crawl space is very wet and he's having a hard time drying it out. What should he do?

Recommendation - Excavate the concrete foundation around his home. Spray it off and treat it with thoroseal and fill it back in. He's already doing what he should with fans.

  • Ted - He's seen advertisements for insulation using denim from blue jeans?

Recommendations - It's a fine insulator and getting to a certain R-value just requires more materials to increase efficiency. Jennifer talks about a company in Tucson using cork to insulate now. It's even renewable.

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Thanks to our sponsors, the Cactus Candy Company and Molly Bulter Lodge.

Segment 4 (running time 7:22)

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  • Will - He wants to know about a new AC system Rosie was talking and also wants recommendatons on solar....should he lease or buy?

Recommendation - It all depends on your homes situation. The solar industry can be very shady, so be very careful. Call Harmon Solar and you'll be good to go. As far as the new AC adapter Rosie was talking about, call Brad at Integrity Air Conditioning.   In Tucson, call Andrew with Intelligent Design.

*Rosie talks about the new innovations Will called in about. You'll save money and it's coming soon!

Ten O'clock Hour with Rosie & Romey

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Segment 1 (running time 11:56)

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Thinking about painting??? SAVE MONEY AND GET THE ROSIE DISCOUNT FROM PPG PAINTS!!! Click here and save!

Chip Marvin from Freelite joins Rosie & Romey in the studio today to talk about his new innovation...the Home Story Interior Door Replacement!

  • We talk through the process of measuring your doors.
  • They measure your exisitng door openings with a digital measuring unit.
  • No frame removal and it's a perfect fit.
  • Half a day and your done!
  • You're never without a door...they simply remove the existing door and install the new panel.
  • Avoid the left-hand/right-hand confusion and the big gaps at the bottom of your doors.

Rosie and Chip share they're history from Skylights to Doors and how they met.

Segment 2 (running time 6:53)

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We have fun talking about the "Polar Vortex."  Arizona weather is great!!!

If you're moving into a home and want to transform the interior look of your home, go with the the Home Story from Freelite.

  • We discuss standard sizes.
  • Fire Rated Doors are not a standard door installation.
  • Change out closet doors too.
  • Changing hardware is BIG. It changes the whole look!
  • Wood doors are available too.

Segment 3 (running time 12:23)

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For a painless transformation to your home, we've got the man for you!!! We've got Chip with Freelite talking about the Home Story Door Replacement.

Just replace the door panel without taking the frame out and replacing the casing, etc.  This simple process is an option we love and think you will to.

  • Avoid the pain caused by an uneven floor. Their digital measurements take it into account.
  • Reminder: Chip can replace the front door too.
  • We talk pricing options.
  • Reduce noise with heavier doors and minimizing the gap at the bottom.
  • Glass panel doors are very cool. (Pantry doors, office doors,etc.)
  • We discuss the new trend with Barn Doors. So cool!
  • Match your existing paints too.
  • Doors are a complicated process and this makes it simple!

Segment 4 (running time 6:27)

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We're introducing a new technology that saves time, money and hassle and will transform the entire look of the interior ofyour home. We break down the process and how you can take advantage. It's the Home Story Door Replacemant process and we love it.

Thanks to Chip with Freelite for coming in!

Join Rosie On The House Every Saturday morning from 8 to 11!!