Statehood Day & Cost versus Value Print

7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:11)

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Today, we're live outside the Arizona State Capitol celebrating Statehood Day and Arizona's 104st Birthday.

  • We talk with Kim Crawford, Communications Manager for the Arizona Capitol Museum.
  • What the museum offers. Head down and take a tour!


 Joanie Simon, owner of Joanie Simon Media joins us to talk food & recipes.

  • Her story and some of her favorite recipes.
  • She's a fan of Fill Your Plate website.
  • Joanie shares a recipe with an arugula base and makes the crew hungry!
  • Make your own salad dressing. Find her recipes here.


Segment 2 (running time 7:33)

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  • More recipes, including Tangerine Squares.
  • How Joanie decides what recipes she'll put on her website.
  • A bacon & egg quiche recipe working with Hickman's Family Farms.
  • The secrets to making your own crust.....Joanie swears it's easier than you think!
  • The joys of butter.....

Segment 3 (running time 12:47)

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Segment 4 (running time 8:03)

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  • Can you cook with kale? Tips & tricks to working with kale.
  • How Joanie became "a foodie" & all the other ventures she's involved in.
  • Click her name above and find everything she's up to and great recipes.
  • Rosie reminds you to sign up for the Sanderson Ford Arizona Staycation!

8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Talking Trees with John Eisenhower

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John Eisenhower with Integrity Tree Service joins the show to talk trees and tree care, plus he shares his knowledge of trees around the capitol buildings.

  • Rosie chats with Kim Crawford, Communcations Manager for the Arizona State Capitol Museum and all the events happening during this weekend.
  • Tip of the Week: It's Valentine's Day and that's the time to fertilize citrus and other trees & plants. John shares his tips & tricks.
  • Liquid vs. Granular fertilizer.
  • John is hosting a Real Gardens for Real People Tour. He shares details of the event.
  • Tips on pruning plants after frost damage. When to do it and what to beware of.

Text From a Listener:

  • New to Arizona and ready to plant a few produce trees. What does he need to know about watering by hand?

Recommendation - It all depends on how well the soil drains and he needs to remember pecan trees take a huge amount of water, but avoid over-watering by testing the soil. John describes the process in detail.

Segment 2 (running time 6:19)

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  • Tips for planting trees right now and getting soil ready and how to water.
  • Avoid planting trees too deep into the soil. It is a major reason trees fail to survive.
  • Using a drip hose to get a deep watering will help trees be succesful.
  • John actually planted several trees around the plaza at the AZ State Capitol. Listen as he describes how he ended up being a part of the process.

Segment 3 (running time 12:46)

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  • More about trees surrounding the Arizona State Capitol.

John invites Sara, a plant healthcare expert at Integrity Tree Service by phone to talk about all the pests and what to beware of heading into spring.

  • John thanks Ray Lopez at Scottsdale Weed Control for helping him over the years.
  • Sara's Number 1 Concern - Getting rid of the white fly insect that invaded the valley last year.
  • John, Sara and the crew discuss other main concerns & what you should do at your home to avoid major problems in your yard.
  • Treating mesquite trees to avoid all the litter created.
  • Making tortillas out of mesquite beans.


  • Mark - He has two 15 year old ficus trees and wants advice on tarps to prevent frost damage on the crown of his tree?

Recommendation - John has put frost cloth together to cover the canopy. The bottom needs to be sealed and he's even had customers who use flood lights under the tree to help keep it warm. It is possible to do very large trees and experts should be able to handle it. 

Segment 4 (running time 7:04)

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Texts From a Listener's:

  • They have an orange tree and it's done great until this year after they planted a garden nearby. Would this have something to do with no fruit produced this year?

Recommendation - It could have damaged the root system near the tree. It's unusual that it would eliminate the fruit, but overall the fruit production in the valley was down this year.

  • Tips on growing fig trees in Tucson?

Recommendation - They should be good to go down there, but John recommends calling a local nursery like Civano Nursery for a variety that will do well.

If you have tree questions or need work at your home, remember you can reach John during the week at Integrity Tree Service!

9:00AM - On The House Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 13:14)

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  • Kim Crawford talks about all that is offered at the Arizona Capitol and Capitol Museum.
  • Events for Statehood Day during the weekend.
  • Fun stories about Charles Poston, "The Father of Arizona"

Rosie invites Don Ryden & Jack August to the broadcast. Don's an Arizona architect and Jack is an author. They're both here to share what they know about our unique state history.

  • Fun Facts about Father Kino and Charles Poston.
  • Origins of cities and how they were established.
  • Arizona's 1st Newspaper printed in Tubac!
  • Architectural & Civilization history along the Santa Cruz river.

Segment 2 (running time 5:36)

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  • The history of mining in Arizona and how it helped create the state of AZ.
  • Our Arizona history is tied with New Mexico.
  • How the Arizona borders were formed.
  • Prescott was the original "Territory Capitol," then moved to Tucson and finally ended in Phoenix.
  • How mining helped Arizona become a state.
  • Construction history for the Arizona State Capitol. All homegrown materials built the capitol!

Segment 3 (running time 13:41)

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  • How the capitol got it's architectural style.
  • The homegrown materials built the capitol.
  • All the different styles that are used all around the capitol buildings.


  • Audrey - Why does Arizona have the shape it does and not include areas that would have made it a square state?

Recommendation - It was a compromise and had to do with the politics of the time. Jack shares the story.

  • Pete - He wants to know why the buildings at the State Fairground were being torn down. Do we know what is going on there?

Recommendation - Don talks a little about the building that Pete's talking about and some of the other buildings and why they would want to be saved. It's still in limbo.

  • We discuss the state history and how water has been a part of this history, including how the increased population has effected water useage.

Segment 4 (running time 5:40)

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  • More events and info from Kim Crawford.


  • Tom - He needs to replace his roof and some bids have included putting an underlayment on top of his old underlayment. What do we think of this?

Recommendation - The "peel and stick" could be okay, but if it's got any damage, go to the bare roof. Why bury a problem? Start fresh! He could check the underside of his roof in the attic, but generally speaking go with all new.

  • Fun history regarding the legislative meetings in Tucson, including the Hotel Congress! We'll continue with it in the next segment......

10:00AM - Open Home Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:31)

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  • More Event details with Kim Crawford.
  • We continue with our discussion about legislating from Tucson.
  • Arizona legend John Y.T. Smith and Fort McDowell.
  • Hugo Oconor founded Tucson.
  • Tubac has a very interesting history.
  • The architectural style of the Arizona Capitol and the location history.
  • How Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to influence the Arizona Capitol Building.
  • Don talks about all the capitol building changes made over the years.

Segment 2 (running time 6:15)

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  • Noteable names in AZ history.
  • Earnest McFarland and his influence in state history as Senator and Governor.
  • Visit the McFarland Memorial at the capitol and learn his story and how he influenced a large portion of Arizona's history. 

Segment 3 (running time 13:08)

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  • Don & Rosie talk about the fate of the original drawings for the capitol building.
  • The importance of Arizona's Barry Goldwater & Carl Hayden.
  • Some of the original buildings & meeting rooms are still setup and you can view today!
  • Some crazy stories about "Winged Victory" and how they found bullet holes in it.
  • The dome is copper, but it wasn't always that way.
  • More history, including land fraud that was a major problem in early Arizona.

Segment 4 (running time 6:42)

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  • We talk about the Cost Versus Value and how pricing and building priorities have changed over the last 30 years.
  • Budgeting and how cabinets will drive the cost of your proects overall cost.

Thank you to Kim Crawford and the entire staff at the Arizona Capitol Museum for letting us be a part of Arizona's Statehood Day!

*Also thanks to Don Ryden with Ryden Architects for sharing his knowledge of building history at the Arizona Capitol Building as well as historian, Don Foster!

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