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1/15/22 (running time 8-11AM)

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Outdoor Living Hour: Talking Trees

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John Eisenhower & Gary Peterson of SavATree join us this Saturday with special guest Janet Waibel of Waibel & Associates Landscape Architecture to discuss the Tree Of The Month! #EvergreenElm. Plus, the #BenefitsOfTrees go beyond natural beauty, there are real benefits! Tune-In!

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On the House Hour: The Front Porch Is Key To Neighborly Connections

A front porch provides opportunities for people to meet and connect with their neighbors, often developing close, life-long friendships. Spending more time outside at the front of the house will improve communication between you and your neighbors. Keeping the lines of communication open through in-person contact is an important part of being a good neighbor. It's hard to do that from your backyard or inside your house. Move some of your outside activities from the backyard to the front porch, such as enjoying your morning coffee or happy hour. Wave and say "hi" to your neighbors out for their walks. In time, you will become familiar with everyone's walk schedules. If you build it, they will sit! Here's how to create a cozy and welcoming front porch...

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Weekly To-Do: #ReduceReuseRecycle - READ MORE>> | Join us this Saturday; we'll talk about ways you can help conserve water at your house! Every little effort helps when it comes to preserving Arizona's most precious resource.

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8:00AM - OUTDOOR LIVING HOUR! Talking Trees With SavATree!



Segment 1 (running time 12:33)

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SavATree's John Eisenhower and Gary Peterson is joined by Landscape Architecture Pro Janet Waibel.

Discussion of the Tree Of The Month:  Chinese Elm.  Plant in small spaces, shade canopy and adapted to heat.

Benefits Of Trees!  Sound abatement and screening light reduction.  

CALLER:  Has a south facing yard with a sewer line replacement.  Looking for tree suggestions to replace ugly shrubs.  

Segment 2 (running time 6:15)

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Continue with the previous caller.  Shade trees to consider keeping in mind proper root growth and more of a southwest placing for better shade.

Things to consider planting trees for shade near a paver driveway.

Segment 3 (running time 13:53)

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TEXT:  Has an ash tree thats lost most of its leaves (deciduous).  Can it be trimmed and how much water is needed during dormancy?   John explains why trees drop leaves at different times and tips on trimming.

Discussion of urban landscape sustainability with Janet.  Ideas to work with a Tier 1 water shortage to maintain landscapes.

Places to see public landscapes to get ideas for your next home landscape.  Plus Janet explains the layers of a great landscape by blending ground cover, shrubs and trees.

John explains growth regulators and pruning with a focus on olive trees.

John lists tree suggestions that grow 10-12 feet without aggressive root growth

Segment 4 (running time 5:52)

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CALLER:  Has a 45 year old orange tree with peeling bark and dying branches.  John has some thoughts on why it could be happening and care tips.

9:00AM - ON THE HOUSE HOUR! The Front Porch! Key To Neighborly Connections!



Segment 1 (running time 12:45)

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Discussion of being a good neighbor.  How to handle tree and landscape growth over property lines.  John Eisenhower goes over the responsible way to work with your neighbor on intrusion or impeding trees and plants.

Arizona has Tree Laws.  Property line and fence laws especially if a tree's growth is over property lines.

TEXT:  Has a pine tree that grew into a neighbor's cypress tree on the property line.  How to deal with it?  John explains careful pruning without chopping branches especially since palm trees do not regenerate after cutting.

What to do with a nuisance tree not being cared for by the neighbor?

Segment 2 (running time 6:04)

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'If you build it, they will sit'.  Bringing back the front porch!  An active front yard makes for good neighbors.  Janet Waibell's thoughts on a landscape approach to the front porch.

Rosie talks about his short stint at ASU in architecture.  His professor explained 'The 12 Stations Of The Beer' and how it ties into the front porch.

Segment 3 (running time 12:12)

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Advantages of the front porch.  Creating an inviting space for neighbors to sit and visit.  Enhancing the security of your neighborhood.  Why thieves will avoid the area?  Swings!  Proper install and position of security lighting to avoid 'light bombs' over the porch.

TEXT:  How often should you flush the water heater?  Rosie has some tips worth noting!

Segment 4 (running time 6:04)

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CALLER:  Has a 33 year old water heater thats never been drained.  Could it be drained in its present condition?

TEXT:  Is a Ring Doorbell Camera good for front porch security?  It brings up an important point not to block the view from the front door to the street.  Rosie explains.

10:00AM - OPEN HOME HOUR! Reporting Trash Dumping And Homeowner Questions!



Segment 1 (running time 10:52)

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Discussion of a caller who had a problem with a contactor in New York state.  

Being a good neighbor means a free Rosie On The House Home Maintenance Calendar to those who don't have one.

Seth from Phocus Insurance Company talks about their Car Show and Document Shredder event raising money for Sunshine Acres.  (1/15/22 only)

Segment 2 (running time 7:53)

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Being a good neighbor by not dumping your trash properly.  Report littering or trash at Don't Trash and Illegal Dumping in Pinal County.  Plus other ways to report it properly.

Every ROTH Partner is hiring.  If you got trade skills or even want to learn!

E-MAIL:  How to clean ceramic tile floors and seal grount?  Rosie has some important suggestions on this.

Segment 3 (running time 15:50)

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Sanderson Ford

CALLER:  What is the best way to find a builder for a new home?

TEXT:  Efflorescense has developed on a masonry wall.  How to clean it off?  Rosie explains what it is, why it forms on masonry and a discussion on the manufacturing process of block in Arizona.  

CALLER:  Has damage to a porcelain sink.  How to repair it and can it be a DIY project?

CALLER:  Has a home with a fireplace built in the 1960's.  Smoke from the fireplace gradually returns into the home.  Suggestions on why and repair ideas?

Segment 4 (running time 4:29)

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Our Weekly To Do on conserving water.  With a Tier-1 water shortage in effect, the first place to check for leaks is your outdoor landscape irrigation.  70% of water usage is outdoors.   BLOG