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Over the years, we have tried out many home products and tools that were sent to us by some ingenious inventors and entrepreneurs. Other times we have found items at the National Hardware Show that have stood the test of time and are worth featuring on our broadcast program.

Among the most popular products have been wheel barrows, camping coolers, pruners, power washers, stud finders and specialty shovels. Often times our listeners want to know where to get the products that earned our “seal of approval.”

But behind the scenes, there is more to the story. Co-host, Romey Romero, has always taken pride in investing in and using American-made tools, materials and hardware.

“It always bothered me,” says Romey, “that someone could go out to buy even an American flag and it would be a product manufactured in another country. We felt that every home should have an American-made flag and a pole to hang that flag on.”

That passion grew our ambition to start our own online retail business to give the best of those newly invented ideas and tools more exposure and also to feature more products made in America. We believe there is definitely a niche in the marketplace to sell special merchandise of that kind.

So, recently we launched an E-Commerce Store. We are in the growing stages of what we believe will be a great new feature giving added value to homeowners and followers of “Rosie on the House.” Check in our E-Store periodically to see what products we have added.

How to sign on:

To get to the E-Commerce Store and take a look around, check out the menu bar on the top of our home page and click the E-Store tab.

Introducing our first products:

  • Franklin Sensors, a company that we believe makes the best stud-finders on the market. Since we first tested their product, we have not used another stud finder. The digital lights that show the actual width of the stud prove time and time again to be accurate and reliable.
  • HexArmor, maker of safety products, is a company whose motto is: Safety is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. We’re selling three kinds of HexArmor work gloves, including thorn-resistant gloves, perfect for handling cacti in your garden as well as light industrial gloves and warm weather impact gloves. We’re also featuring several varieties of safety glasses and ColdRush towels by HexArmor that will keep you cool when you’re working in the heat.
  • Valley Forge Flag Co., a company founded in 1882. In our E-store, we’re selling an American-made U.S. flag from Valley Forge plus a flag pole as well as an Arizona state flag.

In the future we will be adding more companies and products with as much of the merchandise made in America as possible. “Sometimes, of course, we will have products that are partly made in this country or that are assembled here from parts made somewhere else,” Romey says. “But we’re hopeful that our efforts will help to contribute to an American-made renaissance in the retail world.”

As many of our listeners already know, “Rosie on the House” has begun its 30th year on-air in Arizona. Over the years, we’ve become the most popular weekend broadcast on the radio throughout the state. That being said, be sure to watch for a special anniversary set of tools plus a special tool chest engraved with a 30-year monogram from Rosie on the House.

Fifty dollars from the sale of every tool kit, as well as funds from the sale of special 30th anniversary Rosie hats and shirts, will go to non-profit organizations in Arizona: St. Vincent DePaul, Habitat for Humanity, and the Military Assistance Mission.

We owe those wonderful 30 years to you, our Arizona audience, and we’re excited about the chance to launch our new E-store as part of our efforts to become every Arizona homeowner’s best friend.


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