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Over 85% of the water supply in the US qualifies as hard water. Hard water is water that contains naturally occurring minerals like magnesium and calcium and Arizona’s water supply is considered extremely high. Sourcing primarily from our rivers, the Salt, Verde and Colorado Rivers, most of the water in Arizona is between 15 and 25 grains of minerals per gallon. For homeowners this can mean funky tasting or cloudy water, spots on your glasses, rough feeling clothes or calcium buildup on faucets and wear and tear on your appliances. Hard surfaces like windows, tile and floors can also appear murky with hard water.

A good quality purification system will give you quality water, minus the hard minerals and ‘off’ flavor at the convenience of your kitchen tap. This is perhaps the most effective form of water filtration. These systems remove up to 98% of metals, pathogens, chlorine, and dirt so your water smells and tastes like nothing but water.

Treated tap water gives homeowners the most control over safe and healthy water. Many people don’t drink from the tap anymore opting instead for bottled water or a filtration system. Americans burn through 50 billion bottles of water a year with a disappointingly low recycle rate of 23%.

Carrying an insulated water bottle filled with water you purify at your tap is a great solution to fresh drinking water. It provides a reliable supply for cooking or making tea and coffee, as well as giving you great tasting ice.

Water purification is top of mind for many as people are more concerned about their water supply than usual at times of epidemics and illness. “We’ve had many consumers calling us finally ready to filter at home after recently battling long lines and bottled water purchase limits,” says Mike Mattox, General Manager of Kinetico Quality Water. “We provide unlimited clean, healthy water right in the home,” adds Mattox. “Besides, some packaged water is just bottled tap water.”

People want to know, can diseases travel via city water systems?

There are viruses that have been found in city water supplies like crypto and norovirus. Kinetico has an exclusive patented filter system that removes 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Technically speaking, Kentico’s Purefecta Virus/Bacteria Guard cartridge is tested and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to meet the US EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Microbiological Water Purifiers.

TIP: To make sure that your purification system is working well you’ll need to change purification filters about every 12-18 months. Kinetico’s filters last 500 gallons.

Why Choose a Water Softener?

Only one percent of water that comes into a home is used for drinking. The other 99 percent is working water, proving that the benefits of high-quality water extend far beyond the kitchen faucet. Your home and clothes fare better with soft water. The elements of hard water buildup in pipes and appliances and cause increased wear on clothes and glassware.

Soft water has so many benefits:

Skin and Hair:
  • After a shower you will find that hair and skin are silky smooth. Hard water can cause dry skin and hair – with a water softener you may greatly reduce the amount of lotion you need.
Laundry savings are significant:
  • Soft water keeps clothes, towels and linens cleaner and brighter. Hard water can turn whites grey and the mineral particles put wear and tear on clothing fibers.
  • Hard water prevents soap from lathering, so you need to use more of it – save up to 80% on soaps and detergent by using soft water.
Water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers:
  • Helps to save on energy costs—water heaters function up to 30 percent more efficiently with soft water.
  • Soft water contributes to longer appliance life—appliances using soft water can last 30 percent longer.
  • Dishwashers maintain their effectiveness longer as the holes on the cleaning blades remain clog free.
Plumbing Fixtures:
  • Helps fixtures to look better longer by keeping them free of mineral build up.
  • Dishes
  • Reduces spotting on silver wear.
  • Reduces etching on glasses and dishes.
Windows and other hard surfaces:
  • Helps prevent soap scum and hard water deposits on bathroom fixtures and shower door.
  • Using untreated water requires additional cleaning time and the use of environmentally unfriendly cleaning products.

Note: If you already have build-up you will want to clean mineral deposits before you invest in a water softener.

Rosie’s Water Treatment Consumer Guide answers more questions for your inquiring mind.

Rosie talks homeowners through the effectiveness of different types of systems and offers advice on how to choose a quality system and a reliable water treatment system.



Kinetico Water Systems’ whole-house water treatment systems can benefit nearly every aspect of users’ lives. They offer a free water analysis with a water filtration expert who will provide the data, so you can make an informed decision for your home. Call Kinetico Water today for more information and ask about their fall specials.

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