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What’s your clean score? Rosie-Certified Partner, Hospitality Bio Cleaners, or HBC for short, is a Phoenix based disinfecting company that is asking homeowners and businesses alike this question. But what does “clean score” mean? HBC spokesperson, Nick Jara, likens it to the health department score provided to a restaurant by a county health inspector. You hope that your favorite little mom and pop restaurant is operating a clean and safe environment and is proudly displaying their ‘A’ rating. But what if it’s not an A? Shouldn’t that concern you? It depends on the score range.

The scoring machine HBC uses, an Hygiena ATP Meter (Luminometer), measures relative light units (RLUs). Initially these measurements were used only for healthcare environments. Eventually the guidelines were used in food prep and then wide range everywhere.

HBC measures the number of microorganisms on any given surface using state of the art technology. The question becomes, how many microorganisms are there and which of them are dangerous? The healthcare industry advises that between 0-10 RLUs is an acceptable level. Nick notes that many of the surfaces he tests are in excess of 3,000 RLUs. To prove his point, he asks unsuspecting people if he can perform a “parlor trick.” He requests that the person lay their phone face down on a flat surface. He then swabs the back of the phone and places the swab into a luminometer where it displays the Clean Score. “Once you show those figures you really get someone’s attention!” said Jara.

ATP Luminometer Levels of Clean

  • Ultra Clean = 0-10
  • Very Clean = 11-30
  • Good Clean = 31 – 80
  • Somewhat Dirty = 81-200
  • Dirty = 201- 500
  • Very Dirty – 501 – 1000
  • Filthy = 1001 +

Once you know your clean score, it’s time to do the dirty work. “Disinfecting is broadly defined as the act of cleaning something, typically with a chemical, in order to destroy bacteria,” said Jara. “Generally speaking, consumers see disinfecting as simply a process to clean surfaces. With the outbreak of COVID-19 the general public is urged to protect themselves from both airborne and surface contamination. Therefore, the only way to do so is by implementing an environmental disinfecting protocol that addresses both the air and surfaces of any given space.”

After hundreds of hours of research, creating partnerships with the world’s foremost authorities on disinfection protocols, and achieving certification from several of the leading infectious disease control associations, HBC launched their own system; the Gold Standard in residential and commercial disinfecting and called it Bio360+™. Laboratory-proven to kill airborne and surface pathogens to within 99.9995% efficacy, it incorporates five components, utilizing three cleaning machines.

Once the luminometer scans for a baseline score, the Scientific Air Management, a HEPA filtered air scrubber equipped with UVC light is deployed. This takes care of all the bad airborne particulates. Then the Ultra-Violet C Light Tower, which is the same treatment operating rooms use to keep them at safe levels is executed. Finally, the Electrostatic Sprayer disperses the disinfecting solution (HBC’s “magic elixir”) through a wand. A built-in electric compressor provides a constant spray that effectively disinfects hundreds of thousands of square feet at a time.

The original Bio360+ system was designed to bring an environment’s clean score — commercial or residential down to an acceptable level. Recently, HBC partnered with a solutions developer who has received validation for a biodegradable, all-natural spray solution that can last up to 90-days. HBC recommends a quarterly revisit.

Their solution has an active killing agent that continues to work in destroying the proteins within microorganisms. No need to wipe it off. It creates a nano bond to all surfaces it touches and will withstand normal cleaning for some time. And according to Nick, is the safest disinfection solution on the market today.

“Initially, when we first started working with homeowners, we were cleaning homes for those that may have tested positive, exposed to someone that was, or if a family member had underlining health risks,” said Jara. “Today, the largest concern is the spread of the virus through other means such as a cold or flu. Our service will help eliminate those pathogens and lessening the risk of contracting something.”

The units are small enough to be brought into nearly every environment to be disinfected. Disinfecting a standard sized room takes less than five minutes. The cost for a typical 2,500 sq. ft. home runs between $99 and $399. The full Bio360+ system (UVC light, electrostatic spraying, and air scrubbing) is $399.

Call HBC to get your CLEAN SCORE.



c6ede18e562a2a4853d453637e20c51b22af184aHospitality Bio Cleaners developed the Bio360+™ system ensuring there were no shortcomings in their delivery of a complete environmental disinfecting. Their commitment to develop and deliver the Gold Standard in residential and commercial disinfecting services has brought them to elicit the help of the Department of Environmental Microbiology at Arizona State University. Their Bio360+™ system is laboratory-proven to kill airborne and surface pathogens to within 99.9995% efficacy.



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