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Any woman knows it’s often quicker and easier to do something herself than to wait for, pay for or pray for someone else to help her out.

So more women are becoming do-it-herselfers. If you’re a handywoman—or want to be—consider investing in lighter-weight tools designed to feel comfortable in a woman’s hand.

The new Tomboy Traveler is an eight-piece kit of pink tools: magnetic head hammer, pliers, utility knife, ratcheting screwdriver, tape measure, torpedo level, mini hacksaw, latex-grip gloves, and of course, a pink bag to hold it all. Order it and lots of other right-sized tools from

Among the lightweight, smaller-grip tools at Barbara K! is a new 12-volt power drill that allows you to sling the battery pack on your hip while using it, substantially lightening the drill’s weight. The Power-Lite Cordless Drill kit also works with the battery pack attached for a true cordless effect. The kit, which has a rubber grip and multiple speeds, sells at

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