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In celebration of Lyons Roofing 25th anniversary serving Arizona property owners please allow us to share 25 tips and tricks to extending the life of your roof. Roof systems are a large investment and they are the system that protects everything else in your home. Here at Lyons Roofing we say the best cure for a leak is prevention. You can add life to your roof and protect your home by doing simple periodic maintenance. Make sure your roof is not out of sight out of mind. From us to you, below is your “honey do” list.

Steep Slope Roof Maintenance checklist:

  1. Always, always, always; SAFETY FIRST. Make sure your ladder is in sound condition and bring a phone with you in case you accidently kick the ladder down. Check out this link to proper ladder safety: OSHA Ladder Safety. Oh, and please, don’t walk backwards and if anything drops; let it fall.
  2. Your roof is not made for walking. Pitch, moisture and even the type of roofing material must be considered before walking on your roof this is for your safety and to minimize damage to your roofing materials. Call Lyons if you are not sure.
  3. How often? Rule of thumb is just before and just after each rainy season.
  4. Clean all organic debris from your roof (leaves and birdy by product), particularly in those dead valleys where they tend to gather clogging the flow of water and decaying the roof surface.
  5. Clean out those gutters on a regular basis to assure proper drainage.
  6. Check roof surface for curling, cracked, loose, or missing shingles. This could be a sign of aging or storm damage.
  7. Check roof surface for cracked, loose, or slipped tiles. It is important to protect the waterproofing underlayment component of your tile roof system.
  8. Check sealant around all penetrations (pipes, skylights, duct work, etc.) looking for cracked sealants– repair as needed.
  9. Check home perimeter for signs of leaks. Rotted wood fascia and peeling paint is a symptom of a problem not a problem itself, don’t repaint until you are sure.
  10. Check interior ceilings and walls for water penetration. Bear in mind, where the water comes in is not necessarily right under the problem area on the roof- think like a rain drop and remember gravity works.
  11. Check your attic for water stains or wet insulation.
  12. Assure all trees are trimmed back to prevent brushing against roof and dislodging granules.
  13. Trees close to the home should be thinned to allow harsh Arizona Monsoon winds to blow through the trees minimizing roof damage from fallen limbs. Do as I say, not as I did. I am intimately aware of this potential problem.
  14. Worth repeating: SAFETY FIRST!
  15. How often: Minimum before and after the rainy seasons. But low slope roofs don’t have gravity working in its favor. It would behoove you to check drains, scuppers and gutters after significant rains.
  16. Check all gutters, scuppers, and drains for leaves, dirt, etc. that can block positive drainage.
  17. Check the seal of the system around those areas.
  18. Verify that all screens and strainers are in place, clean them as needed.
  19. Roof penetrations, such as vents, skylights and HVAC units should be sealed.
  20. Assure your condensation lines are draining off the roof.
  21. Check for cracks or splits in the roofing system at edge flashings and expansion joints.
  22. Check for mechanical or physical damage caused by tools, heavy objects, hail, vandalism, foot traffic, etc.
  23. Check for blisters, cracking or splits and alert your roofer. (that’s us)
  24. Make sure no one (cable, HVAC, holiday lights) alters your roof in any way.
  25. If all of this sounds daunting don’t forget to call a Rosie Certified Roofing Contractor- or Lyons Roofing to perform your maintenance for you.


Lyons Roofing has been a Rosie certified roofing contractor since 2002 and has been serving Arizona property owners since 1993. Tried and True; we are here to serve you. Give us a call 602-276-5515 in Phoenix or 520-300-5353 in Tucson or visit us at


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